Psychologist (Mobile Education Unit – West Bekaa)

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The Mobile Education Unit was launched in May 2018 to offer quality education services to the most vulnerable children living in the informal tented settlements of West Bekaa. In December 2020, a new phase of the project will start with the implementation of the following outputs: 

Vulnerable children enrolled in school (6-15 years old) fill their knowledge gaps and have acquired the knowledge required for the respective year.

School-age children and young people (between 10 and 24 years of age) who are not enrolled at school have an improved level of education

The families of the children and young people and other inhabitants of the informal settlements in West Bekaa recognise the benefits of education for themselves and consider it important to prioritise education for their children

The mental readiness of children and young people (between 3 and 24 years of age) to learn is strengthened in an educationally positive environment.

Through the completion of these activities, the project aims to improve the future perspectives of the most vulnerable refugee populations living in the informal tented settlements of West Bekaa. With the support of a larger group of community members (children, youths, adults), the MEU team will have a positive impact on the whole community and strengthen the right to quality education for all.  


The psychologist is based in Amel’s community center in Kamed el Loz. She/He works in close collaboration with the social worker, under the direct supervision of the Head of Center, the management team based in the Headquarter and the Field Officer of the project. She/He is in charge of the identification, individual follow up and referral of the psychological cases living in the informal tented settlements of West Bekaa. 


Task #1 – Identification and referral mechanism

- Identify the psychological needs of the children and their families through observation and the implementation of the internal referral pathways;

- Identify protection concerns and provide psychosocial support to cases of concern as needed;

- Collect, analyze, and synthesize information in order to implement and support intervention methods and techniques.

Task # 2 –Direct Psychological support

- Provide adequate psychological support to the children enrolled in the education program and to their caregivers according to the needs identified. The psychologist is conducting individual sessions and focus group discussions according to the intervention plan;

- Coordinate and work directly with the social worker and the animators to develop intervention plans and follow up (PSS monthly plan);

- Keep track of patient numbers/cases through outpatient records;

- Complete intake assessments, evaluations, treatment recommendations, reviews, and other documentation as necessary;

- Implement the Child Protection Protocol and follow up with the MEU’s team members to ensure that the protocol is carefully followed by all members. 

Task # 3-Internal / External referrals 

- Being and remained fully informed of all services provided by Amel community centers and Mobile Units through a close coordination with other sectors;

- Contribute to develop a local mapping of the local stakeholders with the Field Officer and the Social Worker to develop Amel’s network and facilitate external referrals;

- If internal / external referral is necessary, the psychologist is in charge of the smooth transition and of the follow up with the relevant actors to ensure that the case is being addressed. 

- Each internal / external referral is discussed first with the social worker and the field officer. 

Task # 4: Peace building activities

- Being closely involved in the design of the Training of Trainers for the implementation of peace-building activities;

- Identify with the animators and the Social Worker the community members willing to be trained for becoming facilitators;

- Organize with the animators, the Social Worker and the facilitators the public events for promoting social cohesion and peace-building among all community members. 

Task # 5: Coordination & Monitoring and Evaluation

- Coordinate with local actors and interact with various authorities;

- Participate in training and initiate internal meetings;

- Weekly reports to be shared with coordinators, field officer and social worker. The weekly report includes the exhaustive description of all activities, challenges, needs identified and the achievements of the week. The psychologist is required to fill the template with all information in a comprehensive way;

- Submit on a weekly basis the updated table of patients;

- Submit over narrative reports such as results from Focus Group Discussions, satisfactory assessment, wellbeing assessment, etc.

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08 Mar, 2023
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الاثنين, 13 مارس 2023
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دوام ‫جزئي‬
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1 year renewable
3 days per week, 850$
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< 800 (USD)
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Master Degree in Psychology
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بين 3 سنوات و5 سنوات
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غير مطلوب
  • Lebanon
  • البقاع
  • West Beqaa
  • Kamed El Laouz