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Qualified applicants must submit their resume to LebanonAre Recruitment on: [email protected] and write in the subject line: "Procurement Specialist".  Applications that do not follow this naming methodology in the subject line will not be considered. Following screening of eligible candidates who meet the needs of ARE Activity, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further screening and interviewing. Phone calls will not be accepted. Cover letter is not required. Applications must be submitted by November 22, 2022, any applications after the submission deadline will not be considered.

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The Agriculture and Rural Empowerment (ARE) Activity is a five-year activity funded by USAID that supports Lebanese rural and peri-urban communities to obtain technical and financial resources in order to facilitate increased productivity, sales, and exports, improved business income, while also ensuring livelihood sustainability, with a focus on improving food security for vulnerable populations. Specifically, ARE intends to achieve the following two objectives:

1. Increased domestic and export sales

2. Improved and inclusive livelihoods, particularly in rural areas and for women


The Procurement Specialist will manage all administrative, contractual and operational aspects related to the procurement of equipment, commodities, and services the Lebanon ARE project, ensuring quality standards are met, and all procurements are cost-effective and compliant with Chemonics and USAID regulations. The Procurement Specialist will provide guidance and oversight to Lebanon ARE staff, grantees, and vendors regarding procurement processes. The Procurement Specialist will work closely with the Lebanon ARE grants and technical team which includes, Senior Grants and Procurement Manager and Grants Managers, Technical Advisors, Business Portfolio Managers, and other short term technical assistance throughout the project.


Under this scope of work, the Procurement Specialist shall perform tasks including but not limited to the following:


  • Ensure all procurements are compliant with USAID regulations and Chemonics Field Operational Manual procurement policies.
  • Issue solicitations (i.e. RFPs, RFQs,) on behalf of the Lebanon ARE team and participate in selection panels to ensure transparency and compliance at all steps. Work with the Lebanon ARE technical team to prepare and finalize tenders, bidding documents, technical specifications, contracts, schedules of completion, and evaluation reports.
  • Conduct market research in coordination with the technical team.
  • Work directly with local, regional or international vendors, service providers, and subcontractors to obtain quotations and/or initiate procurements of requested commodities, works, and services. Liaise with vendors and subcontractors and serve as their point of contact throughout the procurement process: arrange bidder meetings, compile clarification questions from bidders and work with the Lebanon ARE technical team to prepare responses; coordinate evaluation committees, vet vendors and service providers, etc.
  • Manage the shipping and installation of procurements as necessary and identifies needs for capacity building for proper use of equipment in coordination with the Lebanon ARE technical team. Travel to inspect equipment or consolidate shipment as necessary.
  • Make efforts where possible to streamline the procurement process through establishing appropriate agreements with vendors.
  • Monitor contracts and purchase orders issued to vendors and follow up as necessary to ensure compliance to terms and conditions i.e. contracts management in coordination with ARE technical, grants, and operations teams
  • Maintain the project’s commodity management tracking system for grantees and subcontractors to provide accurate information to office manager for office inventory.
  • Develop procurement related approval documentation for submission to USAID.
  • Ensure that all procured equipment and construction materials comply with the project geographic code 937 requirements and that they are properly labeled and branded, where applicable.
  • Provide training, coaching, and advisory services to Lebanon ARE staff, beneficiaries, grantees, and vendors related to the procurement policies and procedures, including tenders, technical evaluations of proposals, and contract management. Assist Lebanon ARE operations staff on the procurement of commodities and professional services for the field office.
  • Work with Chemonics’ home office procurement and contracts experts and project management unit (PMU) to ensure all bidding documents and subcontracts adhere to Chemonics’ and USAID’s procurement policies, use the most updated templates, and meet the necessary quality standard.
  • Maintain the overall integrity of the procurement filing system by ensuring that appropriate and timely documentation is included in each procurement file including memorandums of negotiation for all procurements. Maintain detailed notes to document all procurements processes and evaluations.
  • Responds in a timely manner to procurement requests from the Lebanon ARE technical team and provide procurement status reports when requested.
  • Responsible for adapting procurement forms and tools to ARE needs and context and develop guidance tools on procurement process to ARE team.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining up to date procurement tracker(s) i.e. all types of trackers needed for managing requests and providing timely and accurate reporting to senior management.  
  • Able to develop a work process that would allow efficient and effective time management for delivering requested tasks.
  • Perform any other tasks requested by the Procurement Manager, Chief of Party, and Operations, Finance, and Grants Director.


Bachelor’s degree in business, management, supply chain, human resources, or another related field

Four years of experience in procurement of commodities and services of a USAID or other donor-funded project preferred

Ability to work in a professional manner with fellow staff members, visitors, and the public

Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ability to exercise confidentiality and high levels of professionalism

Fluent written and spoken Arabic and English


The Procurement Specialist will be based in the project’s main office in Beirut, Lebanon, and travel throughout the country as required.


The Procurement Specialist will report directly to the Procurement Manager or her/his designee.

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آخر تاريخ التحديث: 
15 نوفمبر, 2022
قطاع(ات) التدخل:
زراعة, تنمية
آخر مهلة للتقديم:
الثلاثاء, 22 نوفمبر 2022
نوع العقد:
دوام‬ ‫كامل‬
مدة الوظيفة:
One year renewable based on funds, performance, and needs of the position
As per Chemonics ARE salary scale and candidate’s profile
نطاق الراتب:
بين 2500 و 3000 (دولار أمريكي)
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تفاصيل درجة التعليم:
متطلبات الخبرة:
بين 3 سنوات و5 سنوات
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غير مطلوب
  • Lebanon