Non-formal education and learning tools in the field of community work with and for young refugees

In July 2019, PRISM orgniation Italy designed and implemnetd a training course "Being your Host" in Caltanisseta Sicily. Chabibeh Club Lebanon was a partner in this project, in addition to United Societies of Balkan Greece, Youth Eurasia Turkey, Youth Spirit Jordan , Youth Association for Envir & Culture Algeria, Centre for strategies for youth development Romania, U-20 Volunteers Network, Egypt andd Fundación Red Íncola Spain.

The Training Course “BEING YOUR HOST” aimed to support and equip youth workers with knowledge, key competences and employable tools that are needed to act as inclusive agents in their local communities and enhance the human and socioprofessional integration of young refugees and migrants. The TC  focused on intercultural learning and the use of non-formal education. It included learning tools that can be used in the context of youth work with young refugees, supporting inclusive agents in the process of ‘being better hosts’.


The specific objectives were:

  • To strengthen the knowledge, key competences and employable tools of youth workers who work with and for young refugees in using innovative approaches to deal with arrival assistance and trauma, development of interpersonal skills, active participation, orientation and social inclusion of refugees in EU and South Mediterranean countries.
  • To empower the role of youth workers as positive agents for social change and inclusive growth in multicultural communities in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

This toolbox was one of the main outcomes of this training.

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