Citizenship Handbook "Theoretical Section"

This book is part of a project which published three books: "TOT Citizenship Handbook" and the theoretical section from "Citizenship Handbook" in Arabic and English, issued by “bait elmouwaten” for Publishing and Distribution, and with the support of the Dutch organization “HIVOS”.

The League developed this Handbook project approximately 2 years ago, and applied its materials in its workshops; the concept of citizenship, its basics, values, and issues.  The League benefited from all the discussions that took place during these workshops to modify its vision of many topics included in this Handbook.  It also benefited from the practical experiences of these workshops in the formulation of the applied section of the Handbook.

The League does not claim to include in this Handbook the mechanisms to build citizenship relations, and it doesn’t seek to outline the form of citizenship in the future, but trying to contribute in providing the necessary knowledge to fulfill the hope of building a state of citizenship.

The Handbook was prepared by a team of researchers: Hassan Abbas, Sabah Hallak, Marianna AlTabaa, Wesam Jalahej.

The book is distributed for free, In case a hard copy is needed, please contact the League via email: [email protected]


Citizenship Handbook "Theoretical Section"
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الأربعاء, 30 مارس 2016
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Democracy, Citizenship & Civic Rights
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