Higher Education Services Programme (HES) is a multi-donated programme designed to support Refugees and host community students through placing them at the universities, providing them with build-up skills in economic empowerment and languages, and social cohesion activities. Through the economic empowerment component, students are receiving training related to skills of marketing, business planning and modeling, and coaching under support for startups, SMEs, and internships.


Spark is currently looking for experts that will be able to Design and deliver activities focused on job skilling soft skills.


Activities that cover the following fields should be developed:

  1. CV writing
  2. Linked profile and personal Branding
  3. Interview preparations
  4. Public speaking
  5. Team Work
  6. Goal setting
  7. Time Management
  8. Mind Mapping
  9. Social intelligence
  10. Stress Management

Trainers should:

  1. Have Good communication skills
  2. Be able to deliver workshops both in English and Arabic
  3. Have good reporting skills
  4. Have an educational background in a field related to activity developed
  5. Develop surveys to monitor students improvement
  6. Have training experience


Target Groups and Area of implementation


  • Target group is 100 students
  • SPARK will be selecting 4 trainers or more for  different activities
  • Number of students per activity should not exceed 25
  • The area of implementation is Beirut & Mount Lebanon

How to apply

Submit online by email  to [email protected]

Using Title: Job Skilling Proposal

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