Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020

For the last six years, Lebanon has been at the forefront of one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. Despite increasing economic, social, demographic, political, and security challenges, Lebanon has shown exceptional commitment and solidarity and has welcomed around 1.5 million refugees fleeing war-torn Syria. Lebanese communities have opened their schools, their clinics and even their homes to hundreds of thousands of Syrians who have fled their country and in many cases lost everything.

The Lebanon Crisis Response Plan 2017-2020 is a joint, multi-year plan between the Government of Lebanon and its international and national partners. It aims to respond to the challenges in a holistic manner through the delivery of integrated and mutually reinforcing humanitarian and stabilization interventions. The Plan maintains a strong focus on humanitarian assistance to all vulnerable communities, while at the same time – in line with the commitments made at the 2016 London Conference- strongly and continuously seeks to expand investments, partnerships and delivery models that ensure recovery and enable progress towards longer-term development strategies.
In 2017, the Plan proposes a US $2.8 billion appeal plan to provide direct humanitarian assistance and protection to 1.9 million highly vulnerable individuals and deliver basic services to 2.2 million affected persons as well as invest in Lebanon’s infrastructure, economy and public institutions. This represents an increase of 10 percent from last year’s appeal, a consequence of the increase in population targeted due to worsened vulnerabilities across the different population cohorts.


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الأحد, 1 يناير 2017
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Action Plan
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