Assessment of Reproductive Health and Gender-Based Violence among Displaced Syrian Women in Lebanon

This study, supported by UNFPA, assessed the reproductive health and gender-based violence among displaced Syrian women in Lebanon between July and September 2012. The study included three focus groups, located in Irsal, Baalbek and Wadi Khaled, to which researchers distributed a questionnaire regarding demographics, displacement history, living conditions, health, reproductive health, pregnancy, violence, response and mental health. Concerning daily living needs, shortage of water and power were common, as were household utensils and appliances. In regards to reproductive health, women reported menstrual problems, vaginal infections, high cost of child delivery and a lack of access to reproductive health care providers. The study also found that violence occurred within these communities in the form of intimate partner violence, violence against children, sexual violence and a hostile environment. The second part of the study provides numerical results regarding the afore mentioned topics and provides recommendations for improvement related to each.

United Nations Population Fund
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الأحد, 1 يناير 2012
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