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STOUH BEIRUT is a non-profit organization since 2017 registered at Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in accordance with the Lebanese Law of Associations Reg# 218. Its primary mission is to support the underprivileged and most vulnerable people in Lebanon, mainly by providing financial, health and social assistance.

Since 2013 and for nine consecutive years, STOUH BEIRUT organize an annual Christmas telethon “Telethon Stouh Beirut” on the 23rd of December of each year, to support those who have medical issues, critical illnesses and families who are in urgent need. Over the years we helped around hundreds of people/ families to surpass their plight and more than 2.6 million $ was raised.

The outbreak of coronavirus disease in 2019 (COVID-19) caused a plethora of challenges worldwide and tested healthcare systems across the six continents. In Lebanon the crisis has impacted the country on a multifactorial level specifically the healthcare system who was struggling for survival, therefore STOUH BEIRUT With the support of the “Euro Lebanese medical society” and in collaboration with the Lebanese Army, distributed medical supplies, hospital equipment and medicines to help frontline health workers, among beneficiaries were Order of Malta, Arz Hospital, Beirut Governmental Hospital – Karantina, and Levant Hospital. Furthermore and in light of the massive spread of COVID-19 and due to the lockdown, the organization launched a donation campaign under the title #Together_Against_Corona, which aimed to collect donations to provide the distribution of food parcels for 100.000 families across Lebanon.

Afterwards, Beirut was destroyed because of the massive explosion of 2700 tons of Ammonium Nitrate, which were stocked in its port, and was left in ashes. More than 150 were killed during the blast, more than 5000 were injured and thousands were left without a roof. As Such, STOUH BEIRUT has launched a campaign titled, بيروت شامخة عطول or Beirut Always Stands Tall that aimed to rebuild the Lebanese capital, support the highest number of people who were affected and were deprived of their homes, their jobs, or their sources of income. We were able to restore/rebuild 50 houses and conveying a message of love, assistance and coexistence.

After all these years it was time to expand “STOUH BEIRUT” and reach international donors. For that reason “Les Toits de Beyrouth” organization was established in January 2021 in France under no. 1306, and affiliated with STOUH BEIRUT. The organization’s overall goals are to promote sustainable, social, economic and rural development in Lebanon. Les Toits de Beyrouth is primarily responsible for raising funds through gala dinners, institutional and corporate donors in order to assist the grassroots development projects initiated by STOUH BEIRUT in Lebanon.

STOUH BEIRUT have been capable of positively impacting the lives of more than hundred thousands of families through our projects during these 9 years of committed work.

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Stouh Beirut and Les Toits De Beyrouth is calling on Lebanese nurses to enroll in its program "Training Nurses in France" in collaboration with esteemed hospitals and doctors. 

الأحد, 14 آب 2022
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Les "TOITS DE BEYROUTH” and "STOUH BEIRUT" partnered with a group of doctors specializing in several fields located in France, that would strengthen the relationship between Beirut and Paris, especially at the level of health sectors. This partnership will provide female doctors, nurses and researchers in Lebanon with an opportunity to receive a free training course in France.
Doctors participating in the initiative, Dr. Gabriel Gharib, Dr. Elie Abboud, Dr. Hassan Al-Husseini, Dr. Antoine Shedid, Dr. Antoine Maalouf, Dr. Jean-Michel Vannetzel

الثلاثاء, 31 مايو 2022
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On the occasion of International women day on March 8th, a medical partnership with French and Lebanese doctors with the initiative conveyed by Mr. Rami Adwan ambassador of the Lebanese Embassy was held in Paris, to empower female nurses, doctors and researchers through a fully paid training at renowned hospitals in Paris.

الثلاثاء, 8 مارس 2022 - 8:00pm to 10:00pm

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