III. Project Description
SAWA Association is proposing to implement the project entitled ‘Skills 2 Learn’ in Qob Elias (Bekaa, Lebanon), area being classified as one of the most vulnerable localities in Lebanon[1]. The project aims at raising awareness of Youth from Syrian and affected host communities in Lebanon around GBV risks and consequences, as well as building their capacities to engage their communities on gender equality.
The project targets a total of 940 direct beneficiaries (50% affected Lebanese; 50% Syrian refugees) as follows:
- 180 youths under Activity 1;
- 240 youths under Activity 2;
- 20 community leaders under Activity 2;
- 500 community members sensitized under Activity 2.
Youths will be aged from 15 to 29 years old of whom 90 are Syrian Refugees (45 males/ 45 females) and 90 vulnerable Lebanese youth (45 males/ 45 females).
The 180 youth will be selected based on criteria agreed upon with UNFPA. After focus group discussions to better orient the content of the sessions, the selected youth will be trained by SAWA following a curriculum focusing on gender-GBV issues agreed upon with UNFPA and adapted based on the topics of interest expressed by the youth. Based on criteria agreed upon with UNFPA, SAWA will identify 12 participants, having demonstrated outstanding motivation, leadership and to increase their contribution.

الأهداف العامة: 
Community resilience to GBV is strengthened, risks and vulnerability reduced
Awareness and Capacity Development of gender balanced group of youth Engagement of youth, community members and leaders by trained Youth on the issue of Gender Equality and GBV.
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