SAMIDOUN Assessments of Needs and Damages

This package includes 6 documents: - "Samidoun Dahieh Report Report": Report on the general assessment of needs in Dahieh. - "SAMIDOUN": Survey of needs and population in certain municipalities, with contact info of municipality. - "SamidounMappingSouthDamage(ElectricityWaterCommunicationsRoads)": Assessment of infrastructure damages in south Lebanon. - "SamidounMappingSouthDamage(Homes)": Damage assessment of homes in south Lebanon, specifying the percentage of damage. - "SamidounMappingSouthDamage(Social)": Assessment of social infrastructure damages in south Lebanon. - "SamidounMappingSouthPopulation": Assessment of villages population in south Lebanon.

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الأحد, 1 يناير 2006
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