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Orphan Welfare Organization (OWO) is a local non-governmental, non-profit organization. It was founded in 1952 by a group of humanitarian initiative owners in the city of Sidon. Their main goal was to provide safe shelter for orphans and children who are less vulnerable in society, especially after the end of World War II and the evacuation of the Mandate from Lebanon.

From an organization that provides pure guardianship, OWO has succeeded in becoming an effective institution specialized in providing quality social, educational and rehabilitation services to thousands of children from the city of Sidon, southern Lebanon and neighboring areas, who live either under poor social and economic conditions or have disabilities.

The organization believes that every child should have the most nurturing childhood that enhances their potential and development so that they can later become an active, strong and productive adult who can achieve their full potential as a citizen and as a human being.

The organization is also keen to create an incubating environment and modern educational methods and adapt curricula through the integration program adopted by the organization in cooperation with UNICEF in Lebanon in 2021. The organization also offers vocational training programs for orphans, disadvantaged children and youth, in addition to children with disabilities, to help them become productive and active people in society.

What distinguishes the organization is that it provides free educational services to the less fortunate children in society through its school, Saida Generation School, which is unique and the first in the southern Lebanese region, as it covers children for free from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Knowing that it is one of the inclusive schools accredited by UNICEF Lebanon.

Also, the organization provides therapeutic services through its internal clinics, which contribute to building and developing the capacities of children with disabilities through various therapeutic sessions (psychological support, psychomotor, and speech, in addition to psychosocial support sessions).

The organization strives to expand its services to include and reach most segments of society who are looking to obtain various services similar to those provided by the Orphan Welfare Organization.

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Human Resources Department


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The main skills that are expected to be performed by the Psychomotor Therapist, are the following:

Utilizes different types of protocols, techniques and therapeutic tools to improve motor, cognitive skills and psychological well being.
Follows OWO policies and procedures
Able to adapt to special situations or demands from the Supervisor.
Good communication skills.
Ability to work with beneficiaries from different backgrounds (cultural, ethnic, etc.)
Excellent command of English and Arabic.
Able to write reports.

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To apply, send your CV, a motivation letter and the contact of 2 references to
[email protected] cc: [email protected] [email protected], using the subject 'Graphic Designer Officer' for the email.

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The Sidon Orphan Welfare Society has a dormitory for the orphans and the children whose parents are going through financial and social problems. These children are provided with a place to stay...


The clinic has the following sections:
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