Office Of The High Commissioner For Human Rights

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24/04/2020 - 1:51م

The Regional Office works on thematic issues that require attention at the national and regional levels. The Regional Office continues to advocate for the rights of vulnerable groups, minorities and non-citizens, whose legal status and rights are rarely discussed let alone protected. In addressing these issues, the Regional Office provides technical advice to Governments in the field of human rights with regard to, inter alia, the ratification of human rights treaties, and encourages States to establish national human rights institutions (NHRIs) and to reinforce existing institutions, especially with respect to their independence and ability to take action when violations occur. The Regional Office also designs training modules on human rights targeting civil society organizations, Governments and NHRIs on a variety of issues, including: developing laws that are in-line with international human rights standards, preparation for and follow up on the UPR process and its recommendations, follow up on the concluding observations and comments of treaty bodies and special procedures mandate holders. The Regional Office actively cooperates with the UN human rights mechanisms, including treaty bodies and special procedures mandate holders. The Regional Office prioritizes gender equality and women's rights in its programs. In addition, the Regional Office compiles and analyses information on the human rights situation contributes to global or thematic reports of the High Commissioner and organizes awareness raising sessions and advocacy meetings to promote the protection of human rights.

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المناصرة والتوعية
قضايا النوع الاجتماعي
حقوق الإنسان والحماية
القانون والشؤون القانونية
التدريب وبناء القدرات
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Banks Street
Beirut , Beirut
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Beirut LB
Banks Street
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Safa Hojeij



The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner – the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa invites interested Non-G

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The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme is the UN organization that promotes volunteerism to support peace and development worldwide. Volunteerism can transform the pace and nature of development and it benefits both society at large and the individual volunteer. UNV contributes to peace and development by advocating for volunteerism globally, encouraging partners to integrate volunteerism into development programming, and mobilizing volunteers. In most cultures volunteerism is deeply embedded in long-established, ancient traditions of sharing and support within the communities.

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This position is located in the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). The incumbent will report directly to the Public Information Officer and will be responsible to assist in developing and implementing strategies for communicating UN messages on priority issues. The integration of social media platforms, including social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and YouTube, is a critical component of the Office's communications strategies.

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