Internal Governance for NGOs in Lebanon

This reference book has been prepared within the framework of the NGO Resource and Support Unit, The Unit was established in 2003 and is currently working to build the capacity of NGOs by facilitating their acquisition of resources and the delivery of training programs. This is in addition to assisting mutual communication and cooperation to enable their transformation into pressure groups capable of supporting development at the national level. The unit also aims at attracting NGOs, encouraging them to participate in its programs and activities, and teaching them how to benefit from resources by opening doors to affiliation or membership. All affiliates or members can benefit from a range of services and resources, such as those related to information (e.g., e-library; information on international organizations, trainers, consultants, and NGOs; e-publication; training services; use of computer and training rooms and other electronic means of communication; consultation services…). This reference book was written by experts from various fields related to NGO governance, under the supervision of a consultative committee consisting of civil society representatives, the Ministry of Social Affairs, and UNDP. It includes many chapters on resources, legal and integral frameworks, and the constitutional structure of NGOs. In line with the content of the book, a training and information kit is being prepared and will be used in intensive training sessions for NGOs in Beirut and other areas.


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NGO Resource and Support Unit
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الخميس, 1 يناير 2004
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Reference Book
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