Unlocking Potential Job Opportunities For People With Disability In Lebanon

In the year 2004, the Lebanese Physical Handicapped Union (LPHU) started a new awareness campaign aiming at opening job opportunities for people with disability (PWD). The campaign is framed within a multi-component program, tackling the following issues: misconceptions and prejudice among civil society mainly in the private sector through wide awareness activities; low level of education; dropping out of school and exclusion from the educational sector; institutional capacity building; capacity building for PWD and their families; and skills enhancement for pwd.
The core part of the campaign is the creation of a job center to act as a facilitator for job seekers with disability, aiming at creating a real and concrete help-desk for matching job offers with demands from the private sector. The job center was opened at the end of 2004 in Bar Elias, situated in the middle of the Bekaa, close to Zahl̩; from this location, the job center serves Mid and West Bekaa.
The job center has started to respond to the urgent needs highlighted by a survey conducted among PWD and employers of the targeted areas. The result of the survey showed that the majority of those interviewed are unemployed and many of those had never been employed before; the study confirmed a picture of an overworked, underpaid workforce, with no job security and low income.
The first year

الأهداف العامة: 
1)To achieve the social and economical inclusion and participation of PWD within their communities and the broader society 2)To promote a leading policy of diversity at work among a network of employers 3)To monitor the implementation of the national law on disability
A. Organize a meeting and sessions with employers from different sectors on disability and ability to work B. Training and job coaching for employer already contacted Follow up with employers that have employed a disabled worker: interview, assessment, feedback collection from the employer and from the employee C. Organization of a Job Fair for disabled and non disabled job seekers D. Pilot experience of making accessible a workplace E. Explore opportunities for on the job training
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سبت, 16/10/2004 - 3:00am
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