Lebanese Institute For Economic And Social Development

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The mission of ILDES is to curb migration, alleviate poverty and contribute to the sustainable development of the people and the land. ILDES especially supports displaced people after their return to the place of origin and provides services in the fields of micro credit, health care, training and employment and the reestablishment of Lebanese mores of conviviality and strengthening of social peace.
Vision: The vision of ILDES is that social cohesion is the basis of any durable social and economic development. No social cohesion can be attained if citizens and groups remain estranged from their places of origin and remain outsiders in their own country. ILDES also believes that civil society has an important role to play, alongside government policies, in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the social, physical and human components of Lebanese society.
Goals:- Curb the emigration and brain drain,- Alleviate poverty,- Create job opportunities,- Promote the sustainable development of rural regions,- Support the olive sector,- Empower women in their quest for social and economic wellbeing,- Improve social and health wellbeing.
Programs implemented by ILDES: In order to attain its goals ILDES provides services in the fields of micro credit, health, training, employment, education and social aid.The activities in the table below have been ongoing since 1992.The numbers of beneficiaries, services or financial aid provided are for the activities that took place between 1992 and 2009.
ILDES believes in EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL and the selection of its team members is based on merit alone. The selection and hiring of personnel is carried by public announcement and circulation of job descriptions. The CVs and letters of motivation are collected and interviews carried by members of the Executive Committee.

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منظمة مجتمع مدني محلية
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السكان النازحون
العمل وسبل العيش
بحوث ودراسات
التدريب وبناء القدرات
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BC Street P.O. Box: 60138
Jal el Dib
الهاتف: +9614710535
Fax: +9614710537
Jal el Dib
BC Street
P.O. Box: 60138
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Boutros Labaki
YMCA AIDA, Ayuda, Intercambio y Desarollo (SPAIN) Guilde Européenne du raid (FRANCE)


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Le projet vise à assurer l’insertion économique et la réinstallation des populations déplacées dans les cazas de Jezzine, Saida et Iklim el Kharroub.
Pour cela l'Action vise à: