Processes Of Communication With Staff And Students With Dsme

Around 40 directors of Public TVET Schools, Institutes and IPNETs coming from all over Lebanon participated in the training workshops on “Processes of Communication with Staff and Students” which were provided by Rouba Fares, 'Capacity Building' Coordinator at the Lebanese Development Network (LDN).
The workshops were intended to equip participants with more proficiency on how to enhance their communications skills and interact successfully in the many different situations encountered in the workplace.
The Lebanese – German Program "Promotion of Vocational Education and Small and Medium Enterprise Development - DSME" supports the partners to successfully fill their roles and responsibilities in TVET. It constantly works on building the capacity of the involved staff, and it thus launched a series of managerial trainings addressed to the directors of the schools that offer the Dual System training.
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29/08/2014 - 9:01م
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الجمعة, 29 آب 2014