Support To The Lebanese Education Reform: Improving Retention/achievement Of Students And Citizenship Education

Project activities:
1) Evaluate and develop the citizenship education curricula and its learning and teaching resources;
2) Teachers and administrators to implement an active citizenship program; and
3) Develop a democratic school environment through parent and student councils and community service programs.

الأهداف العامة: 
The project aims to build capacity for education reform by supporting the governmental agencies through provision of research, training of trainers, coaching and mentoring.
We will organize the program as five Activities. Three Activities detail the work to be undertaken to deliver the contract. Activity 4 is the management and coordination of the program. Activity 5 is the evaluation. Within each Activity we have planned detailed Work Packages (WPs) which describe the steps of the program and enable us to calculate the resource required. WPs are numbered according to Activity and then sequence e.g. 1.3 or 2.6. Each WP indicates the month when it starts and includes specific objectives and descriptions of work for that period. A summary of this information is on the timeline. In the descriptions of work, each point specifies three items: activity; number of days; partner and [number of people provided by that partner]. European experts (ET) will be contracted by IOE at the request of any partner when necessary for the intervention.
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خميس, 06/09/2012 - 3:00am
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Beirut LB
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Center for Lebanese Studies CLS, Institute of Education- University of London IOE, Association for Citizenship Teaching ACT