Global Youth Service Days Volunteer Monitor

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Dr. Patricia Nabti
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Director, Learning to CARE Institute
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The Global Youth Service Days Coordinating Committee needs people willing to visit Global Youth Service Days projects being implemented by schools and youth groups throughout Lebanon this weekend: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - April 20, 21, and 22.  The actual number and location of projects is determined by the pre-project forms being submitted. Monitors will represent the committee, observe, take pictures, and submit a brief evaluation of the projects to AVS. Requirements: Positive personality and enthusiasm for volunteering. All new GYSD monitors need to be given some orientation (to be arranged) and all monitors need to be available to visit projects on at least one of the following days: April 20, 21 and/or 22 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). We prefer that monitors visit the sites in pairs, so you are welcome to invite a friend to participate – or we will match you with another monitor. At least some of the monitors will need cars and cameras and in some cases they need to be able to speak Arabic. For those who need, money for gas will be provided.
If you are interested, please fill in the online information form.

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25 مايو, 2014
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الجمعة, 20 أبريل 2012
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One to three days
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