International Medical Corps' Syrian Refugee Response (Jan - June 2013)

International Medical Corps Lebanon began providing services for Syrian refugees in September 2011 in North Lebanon. Since then, IMC has scaled up considerably, both geographically and in terms of types of services offered.
In the health sector International Medical Corps is at the forefront of the emergency response effort, providing services for both registered and nonregistered refugees. In the first six months of 2013, through its primary, secondary and mental health care programs across Lebanon, International Medical Corps has:
• Provided 53,885 primary health care consultations;
• Provided 8,288 mental health consultations;
• Supported 8,627 diagnostic and laboratory tests;
• Supported 13,447 patients for secondary health care;
• Provided health education sessions for 33,503 individuals;
• Delivered services through 22 primary health care facilities, 17 hospitals and four mobile medical units.

International Medical Corps
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الأربعاء, 14 آب 2013
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