Psychosocial Assessment of Displaced Syrians at the Lebanese-Syrian Northern Border

This report will provide a description of the assessment conducted by IMC’s Mental Health and Psychosocial team in the region of Wadi Khaled following the displacement of Syrians into the northern villages between the Lebanese-Syrian borders as a result of the internal conflicts taking place in Syria. The report will include statistical data regarding the demographics of the displaced population, the general problems stated by them, the mental health issues they are dealing with as a result of the displacement, and the coping methods they are using to ameliorate their affected tasks and problems because of the crossing. Note there was limited accurate data available on the population in the Wadi Khaled area prior to May 2011. The data provided in this document is from May 20th - June 17th 2011.

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السبت, 1 يناير 2011
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