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We are recruiting a consultant to develop innovative, informative, and engaging videos and animations for key health and disaster preparedness messages on up to 15 critical topics, including but not limited to, cholera, cold waves, heat waves, droughts, earthquakes, floods, sand and dust storms, wildfires, and others. These visual materials will be used to raise awareness, educate the community members, and promote disaster preparedness and prevention measures related to these health and disaster emergencies in the MENA region. And the hired might support Graphic and layout of some matrieals

الجمعة, 28 يوليو 2023
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The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies – Global Humanitarian Services and Supply Chain Management Department, Middle East and North Africa Office is currently conducting international tender to establish Regional Framework Agreement for below services, as part of its humanitarian operations.

الاثنين, 24 يوليو 2023
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The aim of this consultancy is to produce documentaries and short videos that focus on the good practices done by the national societies in terms of community engagement and accountability (CEA) and how institutionalizing CEA and mainstreaming it throughout the program management cycle is enhancing the NSs interventions and activities.

الأربعاء, 1 مارس 2023
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