Homosexual Relations In The Penal Codes: General Study Regarding The Laws In The Arab Countries With A Report On Lebanon And Tunisia

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Written by: Doctor Wahid Al Farchichi: Law Professor at the Tunisian University, Professor Nizar Saghiyeh: Lawyer and Independant Law Researcher

The law and homosexuality
A survey and an analytical study of the legislation of most Arab countries 
Part one: The discrepancies in the Arab legislations
in the criminalization of the homosexual act
Part two: The disparities of the sanctions
for the homosexual acts in the Arab legislations 
Law and homosexuality: any ways for reconciliation? 
List of references
Homosexuals in the Penal Code
Acknowledgements and Dedication 
Section One: Legal Provisions Used as a Basis for Prosecution
of Consensual Homosexual Relations Between Adults 
Section Two: Homosexuals and the Judiciary: Analyzing Court Decisions 
Section Three: The Impact of Applying Article 534 on the Lebanese Socio-Legal System

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الجمعة, 20 يناير 2012
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