Health And Social Support For Lesbians And Gays


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To provide the right information about the individual sexual identity, about AIDS and other sexual diseases transmitted among homosexuals. - To provide preventive items, such as condoms, moisturizing cream, fliers and a list of referral services - To provide a help line and reception services - To provide health and social support for homosexuals - To draw the attention of decision makers, religious leaders and social communities around all problems related to AIDS and sexual infections transmitted among homosexuals - To provide parents with all needed information about their lesbian or gay children - To train a team of volunteers on answering the hot line phone calls and tackling all problems related to AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and homosexuality - To provide legal services - To provide places and centers in order to check for AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, as well as to assure the follow-up. - To train the health staff working on the diagnosis of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. - To encourage the referral process among health and social institutions
- Help line and reception services by trained staff in order to answer questions about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, challenges faced by homosexuals, and to guide towards the available competent institutions and services - Advice and psychological support - Legal services - Field interventions - Meetings with local authorities, Internal Security, religious leaders, as well as health and social institutions urging them to monitor the project
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خميس, 19/04/2007 - 3:00am
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