Multisectorial Assessment Report Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

Over 57,000 displaced Syrians are receiving protection and assistance in Lebanon through the efforts of the Government of Lebanon and UN and NGO partners. Of this number, 42,947 are registered, with an additional 14,952 people having been in contact with UNHCR to be registered2. A total of 17,827 Syrians (3,846 families) have been registered with UNHCR in the Bekaa. Half of the populations of refugees are minors and most of them are accommodated by host families or rent some accommodation. However, an increasing tension is to be noted between Syrian refugees and host communities as prices are rising and humanitarian assistance is targeting refugees only. Bekaa and Akkar are historically the country’s poorest districts, and targeted support has been reported for the last 3 months by community leaders as socially destructuring. Finally, the coming winter will contribute to deteriorate their conditions of life, improving therefore the vulnerabilities of the families. Handicap International [HI] has started its emergency response in Northern Bekaa Valley in March 2012, providing support for most vulnerable households – with a special attention to persons with disabilities, injuries or chronic diseases – through the “Disability & Vulnerability Focal Point” [DVFP] approach. In summer 2012, the conflict-affected population influx has drastically increased in Bekaa Valley and HI decided to launch a comprehensive multisectorial assessment in order to adapt its intervention to the dynamic humanitarian context.

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الأحد, 1 يناير 2012
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