Inclusive School Model. Guide For Inclusive School System

GVC and YAB have implemented a pilot initiative in 6 public schools in order to provide directors, teachers, special educators and social workers with technical tools and expertise to encourage the inclusion of children with special needs. Almost 60 children have been included in regular classes all along the implementation (2012-2015). At the same time, the project involved parents and communities where the 6 schools are located to raise culture of diversity and respect and to enhance participation of children with special needs at all levels of social and cultural life.
The project also involved all the institutions concerned by a similar process: Mehe and CERD, as directly responsible and leading institutions of the strategy; MoSA, for the social aspects; schools and communities in which they are located; the civil society working in the field of disability, represented by Inclusion Network.
The publication collects and systematizes good practices gained during the project to offer them as a guide for application hopefully extended nationwide.

GVC - Gruppo Di Volontariato Civile
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الجمعة, 22 مايو 2015
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Disability & Special Needs
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