Shelter Assessment West and Middle Bakaa

This mission was undertaken from 19 March to 5 April 2012 to assess the shelter options for displaced Syrians in West and Middle Bakaa. The shelter needs must be evaluated with respect to the current situation. Presently, there is a relatively small-displaced population of approximately 5000 person or 825 families. Half of the displaced Syrian families have taken residence in rental accommodations (50%) and the other half are divided into living in nomadic camps (26%) or hosted with families or living in shelter provided of the local community (24%). Information was obtained from site visits as well as from the UNHCR/DRC field team and through shelter working group meetings, discussions with local leaders, the displaced and the shelter findings table of 1 April 2012, is based on information collected form AZHAR, the collation of NGO, and the displacement figures has per reporting date the 19 of April increased with 15 to 20 percent.

Danish Refugee Council
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الأحد, 1 يناير 2012
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