Accommodation of Displaced Syrians in Northern Lebanon Tripoli & Akkar

Between May and June 2012, DRC field teams surveyed 771 households – 432 in Tripoli and 339 in the Akkar region. The findings of this assessment indicate that as of June 2012, the majority of displaced Syrians in Northern Lebanon are renting accommodation in both Tripoli (72% of the households surveyed) and Akkar (56% of those surveyed). Some Syrians living with host families are looking for alternative accommodation solutions due to the unsustainability of the hosting environment, although this assessment’s findings indicate that the increase in displaced households renting is more to do with the increase in overall number of displaced families in Northern Lebanon, rather than hosted families being asked to leave. This finding is supported by a recent study released by UNDP, where the majority of Lebanese hosting families surveyed in the North had hosted for at least 3 months – 47% for 3-­‐6 months, and 51% for over 1 year.


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الأحد, 1 يناير 2012
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