Bringing together the years of regional and international experience within civil society activities, Besme was settled in Lebanon in September 2014, in order to contribute to the peaceful settlement of regional conflicts in Middle East. Through a route, which is full of difficulties, we managed to leave the year of 2015 behind, with successful and effective projects. We reckon 2015 as a year of investment for Besme. Reinvigorating the individual connections of management team at national, regional and international levels, we assume that a great step forward was taken for future. In the road of achieving something good for humanitarian causes, we believe that our courageous steps will be supported more in 2015.
In addition to other civil society actions taken by Besme, with the construction of a community center in South Lebanon, Besme has taken the plunge for the benefit of the people in the south. Besides, Besme intends to help meeting the challenges of local people and refugees at the borderline from South to North Lebanon, including all regions. We aim at carrying smiles to the faces, happiness and joy to the hearts of those who are deprived from them. 
Besme will be working harder in 2016, in order to reach more people in need. To this end the research project, concerning the quality of living in Beirut will lead our way in Lebanon. Furthermore, in addition to our involvement in Yemen, we are planning to be more active in the regional countries with conflicts or with the risk of armed struggle.
We are proud to present you the annual report of Besme, which includes all the activities covered by the company in a short span of a year after its birth. We’d like to thank our local, national and international partner organizations, who we mainly rely on while executing an activity, which is not an easy task to finalize without cooperation.

Besme Co.
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الجمعة, 1 يناير 2016
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