Consultant/strengthening Civil Society Engagement With The Arab League

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Project: Strengthening Civil Society Engagement with the Arab League 
2- Background information on Project
This project seeks to strengthen the involvement of civil society organizations in the policies and decisions of the Arab League through raising these organizations on how to influence decision-making in the Arab League. In addition, it aims to create opportunities for communication and consultation between the Arab League and civil society organizations.This project will also seek by the end of the project to reach a sustainable consultation mechanism between the Arab League and civil society organizations so as to continue after the project with the hope of it being replicated with other issues.This project will focus solely on the issues of humanitarian relief and gender for their priority and initial interest on from the Arab League to solicit views and feedback of civil society organizations around them. 
Project Duration: 12 monthsDonor: Ford FoundationSteering committee of the project: Oxfam – The Arab NGO Network for Development (Lebanon) - The Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR) ( Tunisia ) - Center for Human Rights Information and Rehabilitation (Yemen)- Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies ( Egypt ) 
Main goals:·         Increase the capacity of civil society organizations to influence decision-makers and policy making mechanisms at the regional level·         Facilitate the involvement of civil society organizations in shaping policies at the regional level particularly within the Arab League 
Overall project activities:• Capacity building activities for the selected regional civil society organizations to raise their competence on issues of advocacy and influencing decision-making at the regional level • Capacity building activities to the League of Arab States (Secretariats/ departments/ related Arab organizations staff) to increase their awareness of the role of civil society and opportunities for joint efforts.• organize meetings to develop advocacy plans with partner organizations on gender and humanitarian issues throughout the duration of the project.• facilitate a series of panel discussions with key relevant Arab League officials.• Arrange joint meetings between civil society organizations and officials of the League of Arab States to develop possible joint work plans.•Closing workshop between civil society organizations and the League of Arab States, possibly to launch the post- project cooperation mechanism 
3- Objective
To raise the capacity of civil society organizations in producing policy papers and ensure a well drafted policy paper is produced on a topic of choice to the targeted civil society organizations. The policy paper should respond to the League of Arab States language and ensures effective communication.
The topic of policy paper is:
The working group responsible for drafting the policy paper will do national consultations within their own countries
4- Tasks:          
The consultant will undertake the following tasks:
-          Read project documents and background information on policy issue 2 days
-          Designing in participation with project partners the policy paper drafting process  3 days
-          Attending one of the consultation meeting with local partners 1 day
-          Solicit outcomes of consultations regarding the policy issue 2 days
-          Writing an initial policy paper draft 7 days
-          Submit a final draft after receiving outcomes of 2nd consultation 5 days
N.B. The policy paper should be drafted in Arabic
Total Number of Days: 20 days
5- Qualifications
The consultant should have the following qualifications:  
-          Minimum 5 years of experience in advocacy and policy paper drafting
-          Proven record of experience in implementation of activities/initiatives, with national , regional and preferably International NGOs and/or International Organizations
-          Proven record of experience in training/capacity-building
-          Understanding of humanitarian and gender issues
-          Ability to read/write/ communicate effectively in Arabic and English
-          A wide knowledge of the Arab context in related fields of Gender, Humanitarian and Development.
6- Deliverables
The deliverables for this consultancy will consist of:
1-      3 days participatory session on policy paper design ( a detailed agenda should be submitted 5 days before session)
2-      Initial policy paper draft
3-      Final policy paper draft
7- Coordination:
The Consultant will report to the Project coordinator.
 Interested candidates are to send their resumes with (Consultant/Strengthening Civil Society Engagement) in the subject domain no later than Wednesday, the 22nd of July 2015 to:
[email protected]

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13 نوفمبر, 2015
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الأربعاء, 22 يوليو 2015
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20 Days
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