Humanitarian Response to the Syrian Refugees. Bekaa Valley Eastern of Lebanon

The human rights situation in the Syrian Arab Republic has deteriorated significantly since November 2011, causing further suffering to the Syrian people. Widespread violence and increasingly aggravated socio-economic conditions have left many communities in a perilous state. Meeting basic needs to sustain everyday life has become increasingly difficult. Many individuals and families have been deeply affected by the events that caused them to leave and are reluctant to return home until the situation stabilizes. In Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey, a year after unrest began in Syria, refugee numbers have been increasing (up to 71,073 people registered) and signs of strain are showing among the communities that are hosting them. There is a clear need for international support to be stepped up. In Lebanon, joint registration of refugees with the government is ongoing. Many of the refugees are in a precarious situation, with little or no financial resources to rely on. UNHCR’s latest estimates with partners indicate that there are 17,267 Syrian registered refugees and some 25,922 assisted refugees by UNHCR, Government, local authorities and international and national partners. UNHCR´s latest assessment shows approximately 9,250 Syrian refugees in need in different towns along Bekaa Valley, Mashari al Qaa, Hermel, Arsal, Jdeide, Fakeha in north Bekaa, Saadnayel, Taalabaya, Taalyel in Central Bekaa and Rassayeh in West Bekaa. Efforts to verify these numbers and locations are undertaken on a daily basis. Majority of the refugees are women and children, as many men/heads of households could not leave Syria. Displaced dependents in Lebanon are therefore socially and economically vulnerable.

Action Contre Famine
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الأحد, 1 يناير 2012
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