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At a time when civil society initiatives are under increased scrutiny and the space for civic action is becoming gradually limited, Lebanon Support works to counter these trends and foster a nurturing environment for initiatives where they can grow, collaborate with other actors, and use tools and...

Lebanon Support, in partnership with Jibal, is happy to announce a new joint programme of courses within its Civil Society Incubator: the Alternative Academy. The Civil Society Incubator’s Alternative Academy is a multi-disciplinary space for critical thinking, discussion, and debate, whilst maintaining a solid scientific basis.

Incubator Resources

A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon on Research Methods

Friday, 6 August 2021 - 1:21pm

Evidence-based research forms the backbone of any serious attempt to produce knowledge about society or understand social, cultural, and political phenomena, behaviors,and attitudes, in order to devise the adequate responses and interventions (whether in programming or policy making). Hence, this module provides civil society organisations, actors, practitioners in Lebanon with basic concepts in research design and practical guidelines to optimise the use of research method tools in their work.

A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations on Financial Management

Friday, 6 August 2021 - 1:16pm

Understanding your Civil Society Organisation’s finances is essential to guarantee proper decision-making in your organisation’s activities and to ensure that your financial operations and processes are in line with the financial and accounting guidelines and principles. It can also ultimately support the sustainability of your organisation as a whole.

This Financial Management Guide is a basic tool to assist accountants and financial managers with making well-in- formed decisions regarding CSO management.

A Practical Guide for Civil Society Organisations in Lebanon for ICT For Development

Thursday, 5 August 2021 - 3:17pm

Information and Communication Technology is necessary to help organisations, as well as grassroots collectives to better communicate, plan, organise, implement, monitor, and develop programmes and initiatives.

This guidebook strives to fulfill the preliminary needs of different small to medium CSOs in better using technology in their daily tasks. It targets team members fulfilling different roles in an organisation, and assumes the team has basic digital literacy.

This guidebook covers the use of MS Office, working on the Google Suite, Monitoring & Evaluation using Google...