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All applications must be submitted to the below-mentioned link. Any application sent by e-mail will not be taken into consideration.

Contact Person Name: 
Ahmad Dhayni
Contact Person Position: 
Head of Human Resources
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Main responsibilities:

  1. Planning and implementation,


  • Facilitators will commit to attending all workshops required before the implementation, with a maximum absence of 10 % (The first two days are mandatory).
  • Implement the sessions in a periodical manner and evaluate each session with the caregivers.
  • Revise sessions according to each feedback/evaluation, and constantly adapt approaches and exercises with the Psychosocial Support Technical officer follow-up.
  • Ensure that all activities are done in an appropriate location in line with minimum standards.
  • Ensure that all caregivers are aware of any Feedback and Complaint Mechanism.
  • Ensure any specific organization assessment tools are implemented where applicable.
  1. Facilitation,
  • Ensure the use of good facilitation skills that make caregivers feel comfortable and enhance their participation and personal development
  • Ensure that caregivers are not exposed to any form of harm or stress during the activity and that they feel safe and respected.
  • Ensure participation of caregivers in the program in a non-discriminatory, and gender-sensitive appropriate approach.
  • Respect and Abid by the organization's internal code of conduct and child protection/safeguarding policy.


  1. Reporting and referral
  • Report any medium/high-risk cases to the child protection technical officer who will then refer them to the appropriate agencies
  • Submit monthly reports to the PSS technical officer, and any other report when requested.


  1. Other duties
  • Represent War Child Holland, when requested and is necessary.
  • Provide needed information during operational and financial audits during audits of projects.
  • Attend and participate in local and capacity-building events as needed.
  • Work within a team and have a professional and ethical attitude towards all involved.
  • Use feedback provided by the PSS technical officer to improve the practice.
  • Attend and practice in reflection meetings when needed.


Profile of PSS Facilitator with caregivers:

  • University degree in sociology, psychology, or any other related fields
  • 24 years of age and above.
  • Have experience working with parents and ideally be a parent themselves.
  • They should be emotionally mature, empathic, and comfortable working with groups.
  • Should show competency during the TOF.
  • Preferably, facilitators should be from the community.
  • Should be motivated and flexible.
  • Should have good communication skills.
  • Proof of good behavior should be provided, if available.
  • At least two references should be provided (former employer, first job: reference from other sources such as school or community leader).


Last modified: 
21 Sep, 2023
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth
Application Deadline:
Thursday, 28 September 2023
Contract Type:
Short Term
Period of Employment:
Six Months
Salary Range:
< 800 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
Experience Requirements:
1 to 2 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • North Lebanon