EOI.2024.1.32101: Strengthening Community-based Psychosocial Support

EOI.2024.1.32101:  Strengthening Community-based Psychosocial Support

Detailed description of the call and all related information can be found in the attached documents and on the UN Partner Portal: https://www.unpartnerportal.org/landing/opportunities/ 

How to apply

Call for Expression of Interest documents can be found on the Partner Portal:  https://www.unpartnerportal.org/landing/opportunities/ 

UNHCR Lebanon is advertising a call for Expression of Interest for the central office in Beirut to cover 2024-2025 in line with the ongoing UNHCR multi-year strategy 2023-2025. The project implementation may be extended to 2026-2027 based on the strategic direction of the operation and funds availability.

Applicants are required to submit a Concept Note for the project subject of this call reflecting their interest to implement in partnership with UNHCR. The Concept Note is primarily for an agency to express its unique advantage and added value for the Project objectives. The Concept Note is intended to allow the agency to:

  • Describe how the proposed project will achieve its expected outcome;
  • Demonstrate the unique advantage, distinctive technical capacity, strengths, and past experiences it would bring to the partnership for realizing the desired outcome of the Project;
  • Describe the activities, methodology and implementation approach for realizing the desired outcome of the Project;
  • Estimate the total cost of the project, including total funding to be requested from UNHCR, the organization’s contribution (financial and/or in‐kind) as well as any contributions by other donors, and
  • Demonstrate its complementariness to UNHCR's capacities and resources for the Project.

The Concept Note should not be a fully developed project document and should be concise, contain clear information and not exceed three pages. Once the best-fit partner is selected, negotiations and discussions on the project design and plan will be initiated and the Concept Note will be further developed into a detailed Project Partnership Agreement. Organizations who are not selected for implementation of a given project, but managed to prove capacity for implementation may be pre-selected for a roster for prospective partnership and may be called for partnership in the duration of the multi-year strategy in case of change or expansion of activities.

Applicants are also required to complete and submit one copy of the Organizational Capacity Review. The Organizational Capacity Review provides UNHCR with an overview of the applicants internal financial, management, procurement and PSEA capacity systems. Applicants are responsible to ensure that information provided through the Organizational Capacity Review is accurate. Applicants must also agree that all data provided in the Organizational Capacity Review can be verified and validated by UNHCR prior to or after selection for partnership.


All submissions and annexes should be submitted through the UN Partner Portal: https://www.unpartnerportal.org/. The UN Partner Portal allows an upload of only one file. Therefore, for submissions with several documents, place all documents in a folder, zip the folder and upload the zipped file. Applicants facing technical issues in submitting Concept Notes on the portal are required to address queries to: [email protected].

Attention: Registration with the Government of Lebanon is a pre-condition for selection of partners. Legal registration with Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance in Lebanon is mandatory. Receiving an account number from the Ministry of Interior is not sufficient to be eligible to apply to the Call for Expression of Interest. All applicants must submit a copy of registration documents along with every EOI submission.

Monday, 19. Feb 2024
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Human Rights & Protection, Refugees, Training & Capacity Building