LRPS 2023-9182373 -Rehabilitation of 96 Public Schools in Lebanon

    1. UNICEF Lebanon is supporting the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE) in its effort to improve access to formal education. To that aim the rehabilitation of public schools has the objective to improve the learning environment making schools safer and more inclusive, and to increase student's enrolment, including for children with physical impairments. There is strong evidence that high-quality infrastructure facilitates better instruction, improves student outcomes, and reduces dropout rates.

Public Education Infrastructure in Lebanon has been deteriorating since the start of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975 and it was hit aggressively during the 2006 Lebanon War. Also, the multiple crises – high refugee caseload, socio-economic downturn, political turmoil, the COVID outbreak, and the Beirut Blast – have significantly undermined vulnerable communities’ access to education, basic services, nutritional needs, livelihoods opportunities with significant impact on social cohesion and psychological well-being. As a result, the infrastructure of public schools remains far behind the standards needed to ensure adequate, safe, and conducive learning environments for all children in Lebanon.

    1. To that aim, UNICEF Lebanon will rehabilitate 96 public schools in several districts of Lebanon as detailed in a Scope of the Work below.
    2. This Project is expected to benefit about 41,500 children with adequate educational and sanitation facilities.

How to apply

***01.06.2023*** Q & A attached 

***10.05.2023*** Updated site visits schedule added

***08.05.2023*** Pre-bid minutes and site visits schedule attached.

UNICEF Lebanon would like to tender for the Rehabilitation of 96 Public Schools in Lebanon as stipulated in the LRPS. Hence, I am writing to invite you for Request for Proposal No. (LRPS-2023- 9182373)

You are kindly requested to quote your best price and submit your proposal on or before 05 June 2023; 12:00h; Beirut time, as specified below:

    • Bidders shall submit both soft and hard copies as follows:
    1. Soft copies by email: proposals must be sent in 2 separate emails to: [email protected] (one for technical and one for financial).

-Email for technical proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- technical proposal. The email must include: The technical proposal only without prices.

- Email for price proposal:

Subject line of the email must indicate: LRPS number- name of your company- price proposal. The email must include: The price proposal.


To note that shared links are acceptable to upload large sized folders and documents provided the links shared have no expiry date.


    1. Hard copies delivered to UNICEF office in No.2 separate and sealed envelopes marked with RFP number:
  • Technical proposal: No.3 CDs.
  • Financial proposal: No.1 CD plus No.1 stamped hardcopy. The CD should include proposal in both Excel and PDF format, the PDF format should be stamp

Bidders intending to compete for multiple lots, shall submit separate proposal for each lot.

Proposals sent in another manner will be invalid.



Please note that any inquiries related to this request will be acceptable through e-mail ONLY ([email protected] & [email protected]) and will not be considered through phone calls.

 Kindly make sure that the e-mail mentions the LRPS reference number: LRPS 2023-9182373.


The LRPS related documents could be found through the following link:

Link to the RFP documents



A pre-bid meeting that will be held on Friday 05.05.2023 at 09:00h on the second floor at UNICEF’s premises.


Mandatory site visit dates and time: TBD 9,10,11,12 May 2023.

Please confirm receiving this email and your intention to bid and your attendance to the site visit and the pre-bid meeting on or before 04.05.2023 COB.


Answers to queries and respective drawings can be found on the following link:

Friday, 09. Jun 2023
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
Intervention Sector(s):
Education, Recovery and reconstruction, Rehabilitation