LRPS-2020-9162353- Constructing of three PV solar parks

For each lot, the work entails supply, delivery, installation, and commissioning of a complete, Solar PV generator among other site specifics.


Work within the current tender documents includes:


  • Site preparation (Clearing, excavation, etc.)
  • All planning and permitting works are required for project implementation.
  • Submission of required documentation.
  • Procurement of all equipment, accessories, and services.
  • Transport of all equipment to the sites including onsite temporary storage and security. Equipment under contractor responsibility until the hand over date.
  • All related civil and electro-mechanical works as per technical annexes
  • Supply & Installation of the solar modules supports structure, positioning of the solar modules on the structure, securing them with required clamps and accessories.
  • Supply & Installation of a suitable reinforced concrete base to fix the solar modules support structure. Solar modules will be mounted as per the attached tender drawings and specifications. Solar modules supporting structure should be designed and warrantied to withstand the weather conditions of the area.
  • Supply & Installation of all the equipment including but not limited to: Photovoltaic modules, solar pump inverter,  junction boxes, combiner boxes, DC & AC protections, DC & AC cables and cable trays, change-over switches, cable connections to the pump, monitoring, and control equipment, earthing and lightning protection, equipotential bonding of all metallic parts,
  • Supply & Installation of a lockable powder-coated steel enclosure to house the controller and main electrical components complete with rodent-proof cable access to the enclosure and provision for enough air circulation.
  • Supply & Installation of civil works required such as trenches and gateways for cables.
  • Supply, installation and commissioning of online data acquisition system (DAS) with all necessary sensors and accessories (Cloud base)with client access rights from a computer with an interface with BWE SCADA system.
  • Supply and installation of various sensors for connection to PLC controller for remote monitoring and future connection to BWE SCADA.
  • Supply & Installation of a perimeter fence to protect the PV field.
  • Supply and installation of a water network for cleaning PV modules.
  • Upon completion of the installation, the contractor shall commission and test the system.

The contractor shall submit, a delivery, installation and commissioning report 

  • (both soft and hard copies) of all the works done. Including an Operation & Maintenance Manual in English and Arabic, detailing in an easy to follow manner, the procedures to be employed in managing the newly installed solar pumping facilities.
  • Training of pump operators on the solar system operation and maintenance including a 1 week hands-on training to Bekaa Water Establishment Technicians.
  • Construction of a fenced site.
  • Complete connections to existing manholes and / or piping systems.
  • Testing of all structures, pipes and systems
  • Processing hand over to government bodies (WE, MoEW, Municipalities)



How to apply

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as per the attached LRPS

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Friday, 30. Oct 2020
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Recovery and reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Science & Technology, Shelter and Non-Food Items