Terre des Hommes Italia’s aims to protect children from all forms of violence or abuse, to ensure every child’s right to health, education, and safety. The Fondazione Terre des Hommes Italia Onlus is member of the Terre des Hommes International Federation, which was registered in Lebanon in 2017 and in Italy in 1994. TDH IT started working in Lebanon dedicating all interventions supporting the Palestinian communities, where now is currently working on strengthening access to quality and inclusive education services for the most vulnerable children in Wavel, Beddawi, Nahr El Bared, Bourj el Barajne, Chatila, Mar Elias, Ein El Helweh, Mieh w Mieh, Rashidyye, Bourj el Chemali, Al Buss refugees camps and Wade el Zaine (Gathering). Since 2012, TDH IT started to carry out also education and child protection interventions to support the Syrian refugee population and the most vulnerable Lebanese families. TDH IT is strenghtening and mainstreaming the inclusion component across all its programmes, in order to guarantee adequate and specialized services to support to children with disabilities and learning difficulties. With the abovementioned interventions, TDH IT is present across all Governorates: Akkar, Tripoli, Beqaa, Beirut, Mount Lebanon, South and is currently collaborating with several sub partners.

Especially in the Palestinian program, TDH IT is focusing on the empowerment of local CBOs among the targeted Palestinian refugee communities, strengthening their technical, administrative and managerial capacity for the provision of quality NFE and retention services for vulnerable children.

The purpose of this request for expression of interest (EOI) is to identify potential partners through a competitive pre-selection process.

Partner Eligibility Criteria:

Required qualifications, and eligibility of the prospective partner:

a) Eligible applicants are only national organizations, registered in Lebanon according to Lebanese laws and eligible to work inside the Palestinian camps.

b) Prospective partners who operate or have at least 5 years of experience operating in Palestinian camps and/or gatherings;

c) Strong expertise and experience in education activities. Experience in Child protection and integrated programming will be a plus.

Previous experience in the delivery of education services (Outreach, Community Based Early Childhood Education, Basic Literacy and Numeracy programmes, Retention support for children at risk of drop-out from formal education, PSS/SEL, case management, awareness raising, teacher training, and caregiver engagement).

d) Proven experience and knowledge in child protection and participation, inclusion of children with disabilities, and referral mechanisms.

e) Experience in project management and project cycle management. 

g)  Organization is neutral, independent, impartial and guided by humanitarian principles.

All eligibility criteria should be met and demonstrated through the submission of required documents and EoI.

Selection process

A selection panel established by TDH IT, with a combination of programme, finance, and senior management staff, will review the submitted EOI. The selected partner(s) will then undergo a vetting and due diligence process. Eligible organizations will be included in TDH IT roster which will support more efficient partnership selection on new opportunities. Eligibility through this call for EoI doesn’t guarantee funding or partnership.

TDH IT respect and commit to the principles of equality, impartiality and transparency, which guides the selection process in identifying partners sharing the same principles.

The selection criteria will follow a graded scoring system, based on three main pre-requisites:

  1. Organizational capacity
  2. Infrastructure availability and readiness
  3. Personnel structure and capacity

TDH IT will ensure that the selection process is fully impartial and compliant to its policies and guidelines, so that the appropriate and best suitable partner gets selected.

Requirements for Submission of Expression of Interest (EOI)

Kindly submit the following documents:

a)  The Expression of Interest template filled (Annex I)

b)  An estimated budget with breakdown (Annex I)

c)  Portfolio of projects implemented in the past 3 years with focus on the education sector;

d)  A copy of constitution and/ or by- laws of the organization and a copy of the Certificate of Registration.

e)  Organizational Chart

h) Reference contact details from previous INGO or UN partners or donors. (to be filled in Annex I)

i)  Any other relevant programmatic documents such as Programme evaluation, needs assessment report or organizational strategy. 

Selection Criteria:

•  The organization mission and objective that are in line with TDH IT’s overall mission

•   Organizational fit with TDH IT’s culture and values, especially when it comes to child protection principles and the do no harm approach

•  Experience in implementing education (mainly) and multisectoral projects

•  Outreach capacity and level of engagement with the people in the community

•   Existing of management, finance and systems policies and procedures

•   Quality and accuracy of the EoI

•    Submission of all required supporting documents

•    Eligibility criteria are demonstrated and met

How to apply


Submission of Expression of Interest: Interested organizations are invited to submit all the documents by email to [email protected], including in cc the email [email protected]. Please use the following email subject: Submission of EOI – Education Partnership - “Name of the organization”, to the same email address attaching the requested templates. No need for the submission of hard copies.

The Panel will be reviewing the applications and shall send you feedback in 6-8 weeks. TDH IT reserves the right to contact you directly in case of any additional information or clarification needed.

For further information or clarification please don’t hesitate to contact directly TDH IT Project Coordinator Hiba Idris - h[email protected].

The deadline for submission of applications is the 27th of January 2023 at 5 pm. The deadline applies to the reception of the EOI documents by TDH IT. An acknowledgment of receipt will be sent to the applicants via e-mail.

Friday, 20. Jan 2023
Type of Call
Call for Fellows
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth