Consultancy for mapping and conducting a situational assessment of girl children/youth in detention centers in Lebanon

The aim of the consultancy is hence to conduct a mapping and a situational assessment of girl children & youth in dentention centers in Lebanon.  


The main objectives of the consultancy are:


1- Have a clearer idea on the scope/environment related to girls in the detention centers in Lebanon: number of detentions per year, ages, profiles, types of offenses, lengths of sentences, services provided/rehabilitation programmes, needs, gaps, etc.


2- Elaborate a brief analysis of the gender approach in laws and policies pertaining to justice in country. Alignment (total, partial, or lack of) of Bangkok Rules (and other applied international standards) with the Lebanese regulations/policies.


3- Examine to what extend criminological analysis/tools of female juvenile delinquency exist, are applied, planned/missing.


             4- Provide recommendations at policy and programme levels based on the assessment done                              above in alignment with the Gender Justice programmatic approach of Tdh. This point will be                          closely coordinated with Tdh staff in charge of this consultancy

How to apply

Please send your applications to: [email protected]


Deadline for submissions is February 17th (COB, Lebanon Time). Only applicants submitting complete applications will be considered and only those short listed will be contacted.

For more details, please see the attachment file.

Monday, 17. Feb 2020
Type of Call
Call for Papers
Intervention Sector(s):
Children & Youth