Project information

Search, in partnership with Restart Centre for Rehabilitation (Restart), are implementing a project with an aim at addressing drivers of violent extremism in custodial and noncustodial settings in Lebanon. The project implements dialogues and capacity building of inmates and ex-inmates to support their reintegration back to their communities. 

Purpose of Assignment 

To support the reintegration of inmates, change community perceptions and document stories of inmates, ex-inmates and their families, we are seeking the services of qualified consultant or consultancy firm to:  1) film and produce a 25-minute awareness-raising documentary film, 2) film and produce three short advocacy videos of 60 to 90 seconds each, 3) develop teaser content for each video (visual and video). These contents will be used under the framework of a nationwide awareness-raising campaign aimed at amplifying credible and constrictive narratives to contribute to shifting attitudes and transform relationships.

Scope of Work:

Under the direct supervision of, and in close cooperation with Search’s Media and Communications Manager, the following represents a general outline for the work to be conducted;

  1. Full production of a storytelling mini-documentary film (up to 25 min maximum) that presents the experience and the involvement of participating beneficiaries throughout the project. The documentary must be in a format suitable to be broadcast in prisons and in the community. Search aims at embracing innovative and strategic communication approaches in the production of the documentary to highlight the importance of the reintegration of ex-offenders in their communities to prevent recidivism. The documentary will follow the lives of ex-inmates and include the stories of their community members, their families, the ways in which they have been influenced by the incarceration of their relatives, and how best to re-socialise them back into society. It will provide detainees with an opportunity to express themselves, shed light on the importance of rehabilitation in the penitentiary system, and share their perspective on successful reintegration into society. The objective is to shift the public perception of former inmates and reduce prejudice and social stigma linked to incarceration. Further, the documentary will also provide narratives to dissuade vulnerable audiences from engaging in violence as well as counter the exclusionary and isolated narratives of violent extremist groups. It will also highlight the successful cases of reintegration to encourage greater community support. 
  2. Full production of three individual episodes (3 short advocacy videos 60-90 seconds each). The aim of the advocacy campaign is to amplify credible and constructive narratives. The videos should focus on mobilising the online community for taking action of support. The three short films will aim to raise awareness on the importance of prisoner reintegration, stigma, human rights, and the rule of law and key messages on the prevention and transformation of violent extremism, counter-radicalisation, hate speech, and violence. The purpose is to mobilise stakeholders (youth, policy, researchers, media, and policy-makers) to take effective actions both online and offline in support of the campaign and documentary film.
  3. Creation of compelling imagery, teasers, and thumbnails to promote the documentary and the three short videos. This includes the production of 6-8 visual contents (covering the documentary and the 3 advocacy videos),including and not limited to graphics, images reflecting the human side of the prisoners and the community in addition to creating a teaser for each video and the documentary for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.



How to apply

Search is an equal opportunity employer. Employment and internship, consultancies, and solicitation applications will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or disability status.

To apply, interested candidates (agencies, companies, and firms ) are requested to submit the following documents on:

  1. A technical proposal including and not limited to: the proposed methodology, understanding of the requirements, experience of the firm/team in doing similar work, technical capacities of the proposed team (including access to key resources and equipment (e.g. video making equipment, technical tools, and software, etc.), ethical considerations and how they will be addressed, risk assessment, and contingency plan. This must not be more than 10 pages. CVs of key personnel to be attached as annexes;
  2. A financial proposal for the completion of the aforementioned deliverables detailing the costs per deliverable and including the value-added tax. This must not be more than two pages. Commercial, registration (for firms) and tax documents to be included as Annexes.

Note: The technical and financial proposals must be presented in two separate documents along with a short cover letter in PDF format. Applications with combined proposals will not be selected.

To assure an equal bidding process, only agencies who submit a complete application will be considered. Only applicants invited for an interview will be contacted. Applications must be submitted to before 15 July 2020 with the subject line “Documentary Film Production”.

Wednesday, 15. Jul 2020
Type of Call
Call for Proposals
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Conflict Resolution