Request for Quotation | RFQ/2024/028 Crust Pressing Machine | مكنة لضغط الجفت

The office of SAWA for Dev & Aid in Beirut invites qualified and eligible vendors, registered with the Lebanese Government, to make a firm offer for the supply and delivery of  Olive Crust  Pressing Machine  in Beqaa area. 

How to apply

Bid must be submitted as follows: by e-mail in PDF format to [email protected] Cc [email protected][email protected] 

Please indicate in the e-mail subject field:

RFQ/2024/0028 Olive Crust Pressing Machine  

Name of the firm

Please make sure to stamp and sign every paper of the Request for quotation, any received quotation not signed will be automatically disqualified 

Tuesday, 11. Jun 2024
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Relief Services