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24/04/2020 - 1:51pm

RET Liban is an independent, neutral, non-religious, non political, non-governmental local Lebanese organization.
Since 2014, RET has started its operations in Lebanon, responding to the most substantial gaps in education, protection, social cohesion and livelihoods, supporting the displaced populations in Lebanon, while targeting the most vulnerable community members, with particular attention given to youth and women.
RET Liban is committed to protecting communities by ensuring the resilience of vulnerable people, affected by displacement, violence, armed conflict and disasters.

RET Liban has the following mandate:
1.To disseminate culture and education amongst the various social classes in general and among children, adolescents, women and categories which are most in need and which are caught in a situation of crisis in particular.
2.To spread peace and reconciliation among the various social classes. 
3.To ensure protection through education based on the respect and enforcement of human rights, value plurality and avoid discrimination on the basis of race, color or religion.
4.To participate in the creation of educational and training centers and institutions, as well as handicrafts workshops in order to build capacities and potentials.
5.To participate in combating illiteracy and educational problems.
6.To organize training sessions, seminars and conferences, as well as encounters and activities in order to achieve its goals.
7.To provide emergency technical and scientific assistance in the field of education in cases of conflicts and emergencies.
8.To contribute to raising educated and socially active generations.
9.To contribute to educational guidance towards employment-generating sectors for the youth and women.
10.To contribute to protecting the youth and activating their role in society.
11.To collaborate with similar entities, associations and institutions in Lebanon and abroad.

Organisation Type: 
Local Civil Society Organisation
Founding Year: 
Country of Origin: 
Intervention Sector(s): 
Advocacy & Awareness
Conflict Resolution
Human Rights & Protection
Training & Capacity Building
Contact person's position: 
HR Department
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Contact person's phone number: 
Assad Eid Building, 3rd floor
Shukri Shoucair Street, Geatawi, Ashrafieh.
Beirut , Beirut
Phone: +9611565466
Beirut LB
Shukri Shoucair Street, Geatawi, Ashrafieh.
Contact person's name: 
HR Department


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تقديم الاستشارات التوعوية القانونية في جلسات جماعية عامة بالمسائل التي تهم جميع اللاجئين وأفراد المجتمع المضيف.
من ناحية أخرى ، سيتم إجراء جلسات قانونية شخصية مع الأفراد الذين يعانون من مشاكل قانونية فردية ولا يعرفون كيفية المضي قدمًا وما هي التكاليف المقدرة المرتبطة بها.
إذا لزم الأمر ، سيتم توجيه واحالة الحالات اللازمة للجمعيات المختصة.

Friday, 14 August 2020

RET Liban is looking to hire one (1) Field Logistics Officer who will be responsible for overseeing and managing all logistics operations.

Sunday, 5 April 2020


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