Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Team Manager

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 Kindly submit your cover letter along with your curriculum vitae to the e-mail: [email protected], mentioning the job title in the subject.

 Any Email that does not contain a title will be automatically discarded.

 "Only those who have a valid driving license issued since more than Two years can apply."

"Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory"

 Due to the acute need to fill this position, PU-AMI reserves the right to close this vacancy earlier than stated.

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Ghinwa Abdel Khalek
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Human Resources Assistant
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- Monitor the implementation process at all the project stages and ensure field-level monitoring of the implemented activities based on the project objectives.
- Together with PU-AMI MHPSS Team, and in close coordination with PHCC and PU-AMI Protection teams, make sure the referral mechanism is in place and remains functional based on the MoPH and NMHP suggested protocols.
-  Ensure that there are active, updated, and clear pathways for the internal and external referrals including all the relevant service providers; PHCC, PU-AMI MHPSS Team, PU-AMI Protection, and Health Team, and all other stakeholders.
-  Work together with the PU-AMI MHPSS Team and coordinate with the MHPSS Coordinator in the identification of topics for psychoeducation and psychosocial support activities, based on the common needs and challenges among the referred cases with MHPSS complaints.
- Establish close coordination with the field level of the MEAL department to have accountable and accessible feedback mechanisms and implement lessons learned workshops on a regular basis to improve the quality of the services.
-  Plan and coordinate the main responsibilities of the MHPSS team in terms of timing and priorities in coordination with PHCCs.
-  Take the lead for the follow-up on the work plan for social workers and psychologists in the field providing assessment, identification, referrals, and focused and non-focused psychosocial interventions to reduce suffering and improve the well-being of the beneficiaries.
-  Coordinate and work closely with the Community Health Volunteers and community health team based on the needs and the objectives of the projects including MHPSS aspects.

- Actively participate in the design and identification of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials and Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) used to enhance awareness of the targeted community members during the awareness-raising, psychoeducation, and promotion sessions on MHPSS-related topics.
-  Support the MEAL Department for the development of survey and other MHPSS and protection-focused needs assessment tools and proposals requested;
-  Participate in the design of the Social Worker’s tools and activities;
- Support Social workers in identifying the needs of the people with special needs and in particular people with MNS conditions and ensure that a proper referral mechanism is in place.
- Ensure that the MH-related services provided by the PU-AMI’s MHPSS Team in coordination with PHCC’s staff are aligned with the MoPH guidelines and in particular NMHP and LPSP (Long-term Primary Health Care Subsidization Plan). Hence MHPSS TM should be competent in utilizing various tools in order to ensure that the audience is well trained and receiving the right level of information.


- Build the capacity of the PHCC staff and PU-AMI MHPSS Team on safe identification and referral of people with MNS conditions based on MoPH guidelines, if requested.
- Provide regular technical supervision through mentorship to PHCC’s staff and PU-AMI MHPSS Team to ensure appropriate assessments of beneficiaries and referrals to the needed care.
- Develop a capacity-building plan for the MHPSS Team and facilitate the provision of the required trainings with the MHPSS Coordinator.
- Ensure the adherence of his/her subordinates to all PU-AMI’s policies, rules and regulations;
- Ensure the respect and implementation of HR procedures in accordance with PU-AMI’s Policies and Guidelines (i.e. daily management, disciplinary procedures, performance appraisals, leaves management, training and capacity building, etc.) in collaboration with the HR department and Deputy Field Coordinator.
-  Define and implement the required training(s) to subordinate(s) regarding task to be developed on the framework of the project;
-  Ensure good communication, coordination and information level of each member of the field teams during regular coordination meetings (or other when required);
- Enhance a sense of belonging among the MHPSS team members to prevent any potentially discriminative discourse and behavior.
- Manage the psychologist and Social Workers working in PHCCs and monitor their work by constantly visiting the areas of intervention;
- Be responsible for the overall functioning of the MHPSS team and effective communication among the team members;
- Work on daily basis with the psychologist and social workers to make sure the tracking system is working smoothly and cases are referred from the community to PHCCs or vice versa.
- Work on regular basis with the psychologist, social workers and relevant other positions to better identify the MHPSS activities needed by the targeted community members.

-  Together with the Information Management Officer, review the quality of data collected and discuss ways for improvements;
- Provide feedback for the development of any MHPSS relevant training materials for the community intervention and any other requests;
- Sensitisation and capacity building among frontline health workers, migrants, refugees and host community members about MHPSS related topics.


- Define the needs in materials and tools regarding the program and the planning of interventions ;
- Comply with all logistics’ rules, procedures and processes and ensure the timely supply of all logistics’ needs for the successful implementation of the program.


- Ensure that the most effective data collecting and reporting processes are in place, in accordance with the MoPH database and reporting system, and in accordance with the project activities.
- Conduct initial review and validation of data and documents collected by psychologists, and social workers with the support of the IM Officer;
- Ensure the different frequency-based (monthly, bimonthly, semi-annually and annually) monitoring and reporting of the indicators (internal and external);
- Directly report any difficulties or delays in the implementation of activities;
-  Participate in the writing of all required MHPSS-focused reports (for PU-AMI, donors, partners etc.);
-  Participate in the constant evaluation of the project (effectiveness, efficiency, impact, relevance);
-  Support the Deputy Field Coordinator in the regular planning of the activities;
- Contribute to the security analysis situation in the area and inform the Deputy Field Coordinator on security incidents.


- Conduct outreach activities in close coordination with PU-AMI Protection, Health, and MHPSS Teams to conduct MHPSS-focused assessments at the field level;
- Build a network with specialized and non-specialized MHPSS actors to refer the cases complex needs;
-  Under delegation from the Deputy Field Coordinator, coordinate PU-AMI MHPSS activities with other MHPSS stakeholders in the area;

- Participate in the liaison with local authorities, NGOs and other stakeholders under delegation from the Deputy Field Coordinator.

The tasks and responsibilities defined in this job description are non-exhaustive and can evolve depending on the project’s needs.



Language skills: Fluent in English and Arabic, (speaking/reading/writing).

Education degree: MA in Clinical Psychology with a clear practicum path (at least 500 hours) or Medical Social Work is required and a qualification in medical science in particular in public health would be an asset.

Work experience: At least 1 year of experience in managing a multidisciplinary team in the humanitarian field is required. Work experience in the scope of MHPSS, Protection and Health projects conducted by consortiums including Ministries, UN Agencies, INGO and NGOs would be an asset. Knowledge of the project cycle and logical framework; proven experience in team management.

Knowledge and skills:

- Overall understanding of multi-layered MHPSS interventions, human rights-based mental health service provision, and community-based MHPSS.

- Good knowledge of the primary health care system in Lebanon, scalable MHPSS interventions, specialized MH interventions, mh GAP, mh GAP Community Toolkit, Psychological First Aid, Psychosocial Skills Building,

- Experience in Inclusion / working with Persons with disability

- Clear knowledge of Lebanon humanitarian context.

Assessment skills

-  Ability to provide structured clinical assessments and clear case formulation

-  Ability to recognize mental health priority conditions.

-  Skill on using various assessment tools and scales in the scope MHPSS activities.

Management skills

- Ability to develop a consistent and acceptable care plan with clear objectives.

- Excellence in organizing, planning and prioritizing task

- Skilled in at least one evidenced-based psychotherapy approaches

- Support the team, monitoring and evaluating the psychological progress of the client

Computer skills: Excellent knowledge of the MS office software including Word, Excel, Outlook


− Good management skills

− Good reporting skills

− Valid driving license (1-year minimum)


Interests: Working in Humanitarian relief

Transversals skills:

- Excellent communication, conflict solving and diplomacy skills to manage relationship in potentially tense situations

− Presentation and training skills.

− Strong motivation to support all vulnerable communities

− Ability to make decisions and to exercise authority when required

− Understanding of the political situation in the area

− Ability to analyze and suggest improvements of the activities

− Ability to adapt or change priorities according to the changing situation within a mission or the organization itself

− Well organized and hard worker

− Able to manage stress and pressure

− Able to check validity of information, logical thinking

− Neutrality

− Reliability



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Last modified: 
28 Nov, 2023
Intervention Sector(s):
Health, Refugees
Application Deadline:
Monday, 11 December 2023
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
Until end of March, 2024
According to PU-AMI salary scale
Salary Range:
1500 to 2000 (USD)
Education Degree:
Masters Degree
Education Degree Details:
MA in Clinical Psychology with a clear practicum path (at least 500 hours) or Medical Social Work is required and a qualification in medical science in particular in public health would be an asset.
Experience Requirements:
2 to 3 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • South Lebanon
  • Saida (Sidon)