RFQ-LBQZQ-23-0115/ Supply and Install Solar Magic Lights in Saaide and Bouday-North Bekaa

Terms of Reference

Supply and Install Solar Magic Lights in Saaide and Bouday-North Bekaa


Oxfam is a global movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty through campaigning and responding to the needs of the poor. Oxfam has been working in Lebanon since 1993. We provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people affected by conflict, and we promote economic justice and good governance, and women’s rights. Oxfam also works with local partners to contribute to the protection and empowerment of marginalized women and men.  



Oxfam is seeking a contractor to Supply and Install Magic lights in the municipalities of Saaide and Bouday, North Bekaa.


Content of Works:


  • Estimated quantity of solar lamps to be installed is 64, this quantity may increase, or decrease based on the needs, number of kits to be installed per site will be determined and shared by Oxfam team and that this will range from one kit per site based on the site size.
  • The contractor should work in any type of soil.
  • The contractor is responsible for supplying and installing the solar lamps.
  • Oxfam has the right to request the rebuilding of any solar lamp not installed in the location that Oxfam shared.
  • The period of execution of the works in each municipality is up to 5 calendar days from the date of the handover of sites.
  • Oxfam will inform the contractor of the date for starting the installation.
  • The contractor should prepare and submit a technical and financial offer for the works.
  • The contractor will be responsible to provide transportation for the workers to the sites on all days
  • The contractor’s relationship will directly be with Oxfam staff and not with the communities.
  • Oxfam will inform the contractor of the date of starting the installation one week ahead. The installation plan will be prepared and shared with supplier.
  • An Oxfam staff member will be onsite during the installation.
  • The contractor shall install the solar lamps in the presence of the Oxfam staff considering that the supervising committee has the right to require re-implementation in case of violation of specifications agreed in the technical Book of Conditions or the instructions of the supervising committee or where the installation was done in the absence of an Oxfam supervisor without informing the supervisor of the time of executing the works.
  • All Solar Lamps should be as per the shared and agreed upon specifications sheet.
  • Oxfam has the right to increase or decrease quantities at the same unit cost.
  • The contracted party should ensure safety and security/prevention to avoid any accident while implementing the activity.
  • The site visit is optional and will be arranged based on request.
  • The supplier will be responsible on his transportation to sites of work as well as his labours and materials.


Recommended Solar Lights Specifications:


  • The lights should provide sufficient illumination for common areas within the settlements:

80 W - 100 W, 7200 - 8000 LM.

  • The lights should be cold white.
  • The solar panel charging time is 8 hours in strong sunlight.
  • The solar panel shall between 80 Wp and 100 Wp.
  • Lights should be powered by solar energy to ensure long-term viability and minimize maintenance requirements.
  • Lights should be designed to withstand outdoor conditions and be resistant to water, dust, and other environmental factors.
  • The lights should have a battery capacity (built-in 400 Wh) that allows them to operate for a sufficient duration during night-time (3-4 nights when its fully charged).
  • Incorporation of motion sensors is recommended to optimize energy usage by activating the lights only when movement is detected, up to 60 sec.


Light Placement and Heights:


  • Install lights along pathways, walkways, and access roads. The height should be approximately 4 meters from the ground.
  • Place lights in communal spaces such as gathering areas, shared facilities, and near water sources. Heights can vary between 4 to 6 meters based on the area's requirements. 
  • Oxfam staff will share the exact location for installation of each kit. Any solar lamp being installed in different location, Oxfam has the right to request re-installation and the supplier should comply.


Column Type and Installation:


  • Recommend using galvanized 4 inches base and 2 inches top (rectangular) durable and rust-resistant steel columns to ensure the longevity of the lighting infrastructure.
  • The steel columns should be securely fixed in the ground using a 0.5m*0.5m*0.5m pit with reinforced concrete foundations.
  • Maintain an appropriate distance between columns to ensure even lighting distribution while considering the intensity of light required in different areas.
  • Ensure the installation process adheres to safety standards to prevent accidents and ensure the well-being of both residents and installation teams



Bill of Quantities:


Item description


Unit price


Solar Magic Lamps 80 W




Galvanized 4 inches base and 2 inches top (rectangular) durable and rust-resistant steel column, 5 meters height




0.5m*0.5m*0.5m pit with reinforced concrete foundation






Warranty and after Service:



  • The contractor shall provide a comprehensive warranty for all supplied lights and installation services.




The contractor must:


Ensure that the supplied items are brand new not renewed, and that applies to all the supplied items. Preference is given to the items that have proven technical quality and efficiency during the operation.

The contractor should submit with financial offer a sample of the item and a data sheet (Solar Lamp with its accessories and data sheet).

Selection criteria for technical side:



 Awarded criteria

% of overall

Capability / competence of tenderer to perform the service required

Meeting required specifications


Value for money

Reliability of supply

Supplier performance

Availability and delivery


Prices for


Finical price and feasibility of the proposed budget and alignment of the budget lines with the services required






Pricing / Required Details

The prices must be presented according to the following titles:

  1. All tenderers must be qualified technically and financially to be able to submit their offers.
  2. The unit prices and rates must be presented in US dollars for each of the offer items.

Coordination and Supervision

The activity will be supervised by Oxfam’s team. Oxfam may assign additional staff during the implementation of activity.

Questions / Request for clarification

Any requests for clarification may be submitted by email to [email protected] ccing  [email protected]


Timeframe and Payment

100% payment after completing the installation of the requested quantity and submitting the financial documents. Oxfam will pay based on the number of solar lamps installed and functional.



How to apply

Interested candidates to submit their proposals to :  [email protected]

Friday, 22. Sep 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Development, Infrastructure & Services Rehabilitation, Social & Cultural Development
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
Detailed timeline per deliverable to be agreed upon with the consultant.