RFQ-LBQZQ-23-0093 / Desludging Service

Terms of Reference for supplier to conduct

‘Desludging activity’

Oxfam Lebanon Programme


Oxfam is a global movement of people, working together to end the injustice of poverty through campaigning and responding to the needs of the poor. Oxfam has been working in Lebanon since 1993. We provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable people affected by conflict, and we promote economic justice and good governance, and women’s rights. Oxfam also works with local partners to contribute to the protection and empowerment of marginalized women and men.

Oxfam’s response includes water trucking services, water tank distributions, and water quality monitoring; provision of family latrines with gender-sensitive considerations and for persons with special needs, construction of grey water systems, and latrine desludging services; in addition to raising awareness around public health issues in local partners.



Oxfam is seeking a contractor to Desludge the latrine pits in the informal tented settlements located in the municipalities of Aadous, Haouch Tal Safeyeh, Haouche Barada, Haour Taala, Jebaa, Talia, Aaynata, Barqa, Bechouat, Btedaai, Chlifa and Deir El Ahmar in North Bekaa.


Job Description, desludging technical specifications and requirements.


  • The contractor is requested to conduct a bi-monthly rounds (four rounds) od deslodging in the areas in charge.
  • The Contractor’s relationship will directly be with Oxfam staff and not with the refugees.
  • Oxfam will inform the contractor on the date of starting each round of desludging before one week. Desludging plan will be prepared and shared with contractor.
  • Oxfam staff will monitor all desludging processes and will check the accuracy of the work done. The average volume of latrine pit is 1m3.
  • Oxfam WASH Team is responsible to monitor and confirm the work.
  • Oxfam has the right to do spot checks at desludging (latrine pits and desludger’s trucks) also over the way/at disposal level.  If necessary, a GPS will be installed in each truck on Oxfam’s expense.
  • The contractor should have desludging pipe of length 60-100m.
  • The contractor must have at least 1 spare truck available all the time in case one is breakdown.
  • The contractor should have the capacity to work in more than one area at the same time if needed.
  • During transfer and desludging of pits, the tank and pipe must be properly sealed so that no sludge can leave the truck. The contractor must clean all equipment at a dedicated point after desludging operations and before transfer to the discharge location so that no spills occur during transfer. The contractor must carry all the required equipment with him to clean up accidental spills.
  • The contractor is responsible to clean up any accidental spills. Tanks shall only be filled to a critical limit, avoiding that accidental spills occur during transfer, for instance at slopes.
  • At the discharge location, the contractor must clean all equipment at a dedicated point after desludging operations so that no spills occur.
  • Ensure safety and security/prevention to avoid public health risks while desludging.
  • Respond as quickly as possible when unscheduled desludging is required.
  • The contractor should respond to any referred case within maximum of 48 hours.
  • The service provision modality could be one of the following (Ecards modality, voucher provision modality or schedule service modality), the model could be changed based on the context alteration.
  • Oxfam will train and explain the modality to the suppliers

Locations and number of latrine pits:

  • The Desludging service is done through desludging of latrine pits according to a list of the Informal tented settlement in targeted settlements and assigns corresponding codes.
  • Number of latrine pits can be decreased or increased based on the need, movement of beneficiaries from one cadastral to another, seasonal movement ...etc.
  • The contractor should have the capacity to cover two or three locations in parallel. Number of latrines that need to be emptied will approximately 1,147 latrine pits in different Informal tented settlements per one round.
  • The contractor should discharge the sludge in UNICEF OMNI PROCESSOR in Iaat or in Iaat wastewater treatment plant or its manholes branches. This location might be changed based on the negotiation with authority managing the station.
  • The contractor must consider all precautions and measures required by Oxfam if Covid19 or any other disease is rampant.


Start Operation Date: July 1st ,2023

End Operation Date:  February 29, 2023


Estimated quantities per round: 1147 m3



No. of latrines



Haouch Tall Safiye


Haouche Barada


Haour Taala






Aaynata Baalbek










Deir El-Ahmar



Rounds timeframe:



Estimated start date

Round 1: July Round


Round 2: September Round


Round 1: November Round


Round 1: January Round



Selection criteria for administrative compliance:

This part concerns the information given in the supplier questionnaire, each Bidding parties can also include any other document he wishes, to assist us in judging their suitability according to the below criteria:

  • De-sludging truck specifications (capacity of the reservoir (volume in m3), Length of hose…)
  • Registration of the truck and related documents
  • Two or three references should be longstanding customers of at least one year (company name, contact name and telephone number).
  • The bidder must have a minimum of 1-year experience in desludging.
  • List of previous and current contracts in the past 2 years for similar works, including name of contracting party, number of sites and villages, contract value and date of completions) 
  • Size of customer database - along with a list of your main customers including any Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and U.N. agencies
  • Copies of Institution registration certificate and VAT registration certificate (if available) apply for companies only not individuals.
  • Proof of access to the areas of operation (Areas of deslodging and discharging).

Eligibility documents:

Any bidder who didn’t submit the following documents will be disqualified:

  • Registration of the truck and related documents
  • Proof of access to the areas of operation (Areas of dislodging and discharging).
  • De-sludging truck specifications (capacity of the reservoir (volume in m3), Length of hose…)


Quotation/tender Process

Oxfam reserves the right to negotiate, accept or reject any or all proposals and quotations at its sole discretion and to pursue or act further on any responses it considers advantageous.

The contract will be awarded to the administratively and technically compliant tender that is the most economically advantageous, taking into account the quality of the services offered and the price of the tender.

Tenders will be evaluated on the criteria listed below:


 Awarded criteria

Score up to

Max. Score

% of overall

Capability / competence of tenderer to perform the service required

Availability of commodity (CVs, and company profile).




Experience working in north Bekaa


Technical Specification of trucks, pipes, equipment, number of trucks


Size of customer database Two good references


Experience with Oxfam that deemed a good quality


Experience with other international NGOs of a similar Oxfam volume


Experience in desludging work of similar scale in informal tented settlement.


Prices for


Finical price and feasibility of the proposed budget and alignment of the budget lines with the services required








Coordination and Supervision

  • The activity will be supervised by Oxfam’s PHE team. Oxfam may assign additional staff during the implementation of activity.
  • Each supplier is required to submit the received vouchers from the beneficiaries in a sorted order as per assigned serial numbers.




Questions / Request for clarification

Any requests for clarification may be submitted by email to Sarkis Heneskehian [email protected] or to Eddy El Khoury [email protected]  ccing [email protected]


Timeframe and Payment

100% payment after completing one round of desludging and submitting the vouchers, invoices and other related financial documents.

How to apply

Interested candidates to submit their quotations to : [email protected]

Saturday, 10. Jun 2023
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Water sanitation and hygiene
Remuneration range:
> 6000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
Detailed timeline per deliverable to be agreed upon with the consultant.