Equipping stations in Haqlit with a solar water pumping system

The purpose of this Tender is to obtain competitive offers for equipping the Haqlit water pumping station belonging to the NLWE with solar water pumping Systems.

A detailed description of the assignment and services required by Oxfam is contained in the technical specifications (see APPENDIX A – Technical specifications).

All details are mentioned in the attached tender dossier.

How to apply

  1. Application process details: All mentioned in the attached tender dossier


In submitting a tender, the tenderer accepts in full and without restriction the special and general conditions governing this contract as the sole basis of this tendering procedure, whatever their own conditions of sale may be.


Tenderers are expected to examine carefully and comply with all instructions, forms, provisions, and specifications contained in this tender dossier.


Failure to submit a tender containing all the required information and documentation within the deadline specified will lead to the rejection of the tender.


The participation procedure will be carried out in two successive stages; both are to be submitted together

  1. Suppliers’ application analysis
  2. Tender proposal analysis from qualifying applicants.




Responses should be sent in an outer sealed single envelope which will contain two further envelopes corresponding to the two different sections of the tender:

  • Inside Envelope 1: “Supplier Applications” – 2 copies
  • Inside Envelope 2: “Supplier Tender Proposals” – 2 copies


Documents within these envelopes should be well organized based on the above criteria


In addition, Suppliers should provide:

  • 1 soft copy of all the requested documentation (on USB flash drive)


Outer envelope to be marked as follows:

                                             Oxfam - TD RO-LBBEY-23-0066-LBKYE-0027

Do not open before April 11, 2023 


Tenderers do not have the option of submitting their tender electronically, unless clearly stated by the Oxfam procurement team.

The outer Main Envelope should only mark Oxfam GB/tender reference/Do not open before the 11th of April 2023

Any Bidder’s logo or relevant mark on the outer envelope that reflects the niche of the company will be considered as disqualified.

Failure to attend site visit will be considered as disqualified



Language: All documents shall be submitted in English.


The supplier application and tender proposal shall be submitted together before the deadline for reception of applications on the [11th April 2023] at [14:00, Beirut] to:


Logistics Lebanon

Oxfam office -1st floor-Sodeco Square Block B, Beirut


It is the responsibility of the Tenderer to ensure that their offer is complete and meets Oxfam´s requirements. Failure to satisfy all aspects of the tender dossier may lead to the offer being rejected without further reason being given. It is therefore essential to ensure that you read this document carefully and answer in full all questions asked.

      1. Supplier Application


The application must be submitted in an envelope entitled:


“Supplier Application “Supplier name” response to Oxfam tender: [TD RO-LBBEY-23-0066-LBKYE-0027]”


Which contains;

  • APPENDIX B - Tenderer’s Declaration 
  • APPENDIX D- International Supplier Questionnaire


All of which must be initialled and signed by an authorised person, with powers to represent the company.

Selection criteria for administrative compliance and bidder qualification:

This part concerns the information given in the supplier questionnaire, each tenderer can also include any other document he wishes, to assist us in judging their suitability according to the below criteria.


  • Bidder shall be fully compliant with the present TOR.
  • Proof of Company Registration.
  • Copy of insurance policy (legal liability at a minimum).
  • Ministry of Finance registration certificate and VAT if applicable.
  •  A copy of the financial statements for last Three years (balance sheet and income statement).
  • Audit Report in last two years
  • An organisational (human resources) chart
  • Name(s) and CVs or summary of professional background of key personnel to be involved in implementation of the Contract
  • Experience in the construction of large scale steel structures
  • The bidder must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in construction of solar photovoltaic solutions.
  • The bidder must have experience in implementing project of a similar size, scope, and application.
  • List of previous and current contracts in the past 3 years for similar works, including Power of the system, name of contracting party, contract value and date of completions). 
  • The bidder must make available a minimum of Three reference projects in solar pumping or PV on-grid system in which they have worked. The reference projects must be of a similar scope, size and implemented locally or internationally. References with contact name and phone number shall be provided.
  • Bidder PV projects references including contact names and phone numbers.
  • List of equipment as company assets
  •  All materials & items provided by the supplier should be available in the local market.
  • Company Profile.
  • I.D. card for the person signing the bid empowered by the power of attorney.
  • Detailed activity schedule (timeline) for the proposed works.
  • Proposed methodology of work clearly developing the expected work phases 
  • Bidder shall provide completed priced Bills of Quantities (BOQ) (see Annexes II & III)
  • Bidder shall submit at tender stage the following documents:
  • Datasheets, certificates, and any other technical documents to show compliancy of all the specified components in Appendix A. This shall include at least PV modules, inverter with filter, pump, controller, flowmeter, level sensor, all electrical accessories such as DC & AC cables, DC & AC SPD’s, DC and AC switches and fuses, batteries, hybrid inverter, PLC changeover switch & materials for the chlorination system.
  • Preliminary supporting structure drawing to assess soundness of this structure.
  • Preliminary single Line Diagram to assess soundness of electrical design.
  • Solar simulation as well as water output simulation

Please note that:

  • There should be an overall positive reputation for good business practice, professionalism, and financial stability.
  • The scope of this tender must not represent more than 20% of the bidder’s total annual turnover to ensure that capacity restrictions do not impact quality.
      1. Tender Proposal


Tenderers are invited to submit their best technical and economic tender in English to the exact formats and specifications required by Oxfam. Tenders not respecting these formats and specifications will be rejected.


The tender must be submitted in an envelope entitled:

“Tender proposal “Supplier name” to Oxfam tender: [RO-LBBEY-23-0066-LBKYE-0027]”


Which contains:


  • Tender Technical offer 
  • Price proposal  


Price proposal must be initialled and signed by an authorised person.


  1. Currency

All prices shall be expressed in Fresh US Dollars not including VAT. This is to allow for a fair comparison of prices, following the award of the contract; the working currency will be decided between Oxfam and the contracted party. Where exchange rates have been used to arrive at a US Dollar figure this should also be provided.


  1. Tender validity

Tenders shall remain valid for a period of two (2) calendar months after the deadline for receipt of tenders.



  1. Tender Presentation

Tenderers may submit a tender for some, or all of the services demanded according to their capacity to supply.


Prices and lead times, presented in the tender, should be firm and valid for the whole duration of the agreement from the date of its signature by both Parties.


The price proposal should be submitted according to the template in APPENDIX E – Price Proposal.



  1. Compliance

Your basic offer shall be strictly in accordance with the technical specifications specified in the APPENDIX A -Technical specifications.


Award of the contract is based on the criteria listed at paragraph 4.12 Tender Process



  1. Technical Offer

A technical tender offer describing the way in which the tenderer intends to carry out the tasks as described in the contract. Respecting all the obligations imposed by the specifications, bearing in mind the principals and values of Oxfam.


The tender should include, as stipulated in the Technical Specifications under Appendix A:


  • A technical bid consisting of a detailed description of the services offered
  • A detailed methodology to achieve the consultancy objectives
  • Summary of working model: team involved in the service
  • Detailed activity Schedule (timeline/ workplan) for the proposed works
  • A list of materials and technical equipment owned by the supplier (machines, technical instruments, vehicles, etc…)
  • Name(s) and CVs or brief summary of professional background of key personnel to be involved in implementation of the Contract


  1. Price proposal


  • Clear breakdown of costs related to service requested
  • A detailed price list Fresh USD for all the services linked to the technical requirement (e.g. equipment service, staff training)

This list forms an integral part of the contract resulting from this invitation to tender and will serve as a control instrument for our finance team during invoice verification. Any component not found in this list can be neither invoiced nor paid, therefore, it should be comprehensive. By providing this price list, tenderers agree to abide by it and its accompanying conditions in carrying out the contract.

  • Additional services that the service provider would be willing to provide Oxfam at no cost
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