Medecins du Monde (MdM) is currently implementing a project, called SAQIRH, with general objective of “Improving access to quality primary health services for vulnerable populations in Lebanon” in a consortium with Premiere Urgence International (PUI) and Amel Association international. The program is financially funded by Agence Française de Dévelopement, and takes place all over Lebanon (North, Beqaa, Beirut Mount Lebanon and South).

 In the scope of the MHPSS Programming, that aims to integrate Mental Health (MH) Services in Primary Health Care (PHC), SAQIRH Consortium has been working in a quite close relation with National Mental Health Program (NMHP) to better align with the ongoing National Piloting Project of Integrating MH services in PHC. During the project implementation some gaps and challenges were identified with the participation of other MHPSS actors as well as NMHP focal points in terms of entering, monitoring and evaluating some specific indicators about the MH service provision through the National Health Information System, called PHENICS. Hence the integration of MH services in the Health Information System has been identified as one of the major objectives not only by SAQIRH partners but also NMHP and other MHPSS actors who are working in the scope of integration.

Considering the above-mentioned objective, two specific actions were taken already which are, forming a PHENICS Committee including the representatives from the pertinent actors and agreeing on the potential HR support needed from the partners. In consequence, SAQIRH partners decided to hire a consultant to provide technical support and guidance for the process of integrating MH services in PHENICS. The consultant is expected to work in a direct touch with MoPH Health Information Department while closely collaborating  with the Health Information Consultant hired by PUI in the scope of SAQIRH Project and PUI’s existing Health Information Specialist.


The main focus of the consultancy service will be the following:

  1. Assist the NMHP-led PHENICS committee to work on the integration of the MH information into PHENICS.
  2. Support SAQIRH consortium partners in identifying gaps and actions in the scope of MH-related data collection in supported PHCCs and propose action plan, for the improvement and harmonization of the data management system.

Regular communication is expected with:

  • NMHP-led PHENICS committee (including NMHP, IMC, PUI, MDM and AMEL technical focal MHPSS and MEAL focal points)
  • MoPH Health Information Department and identified focal points
  • Health Information Consultant hired by PUI and PUI’s Health Information Specialist
  • YMCA
  • SAQIRH Consortium partners, in particular Meal and MHPSS focal points


The following will be expected from the Consultant:

  1. Assist the NMHP-led PHENICS committee to work on the integration of the MH information into PHENICS.
  1. Review the existing data process and management in PHENICS related to MH services with the committee partners by taking into consideration the following themes: MH data documented, user interface, security of PHENICS, existing actions by users, medication reporting.  
  2. Review existing mental health MEAL indicators, data collection tools and methodologies used at the primary health care level
  3. Conduct interviews and hold discussions with the relevant Focal Points among the Consortium partners, PHENICS Committee members, MoPH IT department and NMHP representatives.
  4. Identify clear areas that need to be improved and lead the development of an action plan to improve those areas through participatory approach including all the relevant representatives among the PHENICS Committee.
  5. Present the action plan (including the steps of required features for MH integration) to MOPH Information Management Team with the participation of PUI’s Health Information Specialist and PUI supported Health Information Consultant.
  6. Collaborate with our technical team to implement the recommended modifications and enhancements
  7. Actively participate in the PHENICS Committee meetings and document decisions taken by the committee.
  8. Meet with YMCA to analyze the challenges in the integration of prescription and medication-related information in PHENICS.
  9. Agree with the PHENICS Committee on a consolidated list of MH indicators to be integrated with PHENICS.
  10. Ensure an active collaboration and communication with the MoPH Health Information Officer: conduct regular meetings with the MOPH HI officer to identify existing data collection approaches, capture the challenges in the use of Phenix from an IT point of view, communicate and discuss the required changes on PHENICS following the action plan developed in collaboration with the PHENICS committee, check their feasibility and monitor the given changes
  11. Support SAQIRH consortium partners in identifying gaps and actions in the scope of MH-related data collection in supported PHCCs and propose action plan, for the improvement and harmonization of the data management system.
  12. Conduct field visits to SAQIRH-supported PHCCs Lebanon implementing MH integration in different areas of (South, Beirut-Mount Lebanon, Zahle, Tripoli and Akkar) to identify gaps, successes and challenges in the use of PHENICS.
  13. Analyze findings to develop recommendations and action plans in collaboration with SAQIRH consortium to improve data collection in SAQIRH-supported PHCCs.
  14. Hold regular meetings with SAQIRH partners to share findings, recommendations, action plan and action plan progress.  
  15. Ensure data security, privacy, and compliance with relevant regulations and standards during the integration process.


  1. Regarding the first scope of responsibilities,
  • Analysis report and presentation of the integration of the MH Information into PHENICS, including the indicators collected, features available and challenges in the MH information management in PHENICS, based on committee minutes of meeting, interviews, meetings with PHCCs and MoPH IT departments, etc.
  • An action plan of needed modifications, additions and deletions to be brought in the current PHENICS, in alignment with the NMHP pilot, so the PHENICS is a user-friendly and reliable source of MH information.
  • Monthly progress report regarding the implementation status of the action plan.
  1. Regarding the second scope of responsibilities,
  • An analysis report of IM challenges on the MH integration at PHCC level amongst SAQIRH-supported PHCCs.
  • An action plan to support improved data collection as regards MH integration at PHCC level based on the above analysis report.
  • Data entry templates and guidelines for mental health data collection within PHENICS.

Duration of the contract: (February 2024 – July 2024) 6 Months.


  • A strong background in health information management systems and MEAL processes, particularly in designing and implementing data collection and reporting tools.
  • Expertise in mental health data management and an understanding of the specific requirements for capturing sensitive mental health information.
  • Experience in Mental health, Public Health or relevant academic background
  • Experience in collaborating with technical teams to implement system modifications and enhancements.
  • Experience in health/mental health project development and management
  • Experience working with NGOs in the mental health field
  • Experience working with the health sector and more specifically PHCC
  • Very good knowledge of written and spoken Arabic and English
  • Great analytical skills
  • Familiarity with relevant data security and privacy regulations in the healthcare sector.

Strong communication and training skills to effectively convey complex technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders.


A competitive selection process will take place taking into consideration the entire offers including CV, technical and financial aspects.

Required documents:

1- Technical proposal to submit including:

  • CV and Cover Letter
  • A technical proposal
  • The provisional working plan
  • References of previous employees or proof of similar projects.

2- Financial proposal including:

  • Financial offer, incorporating the budget allocation (Price including taxes & MOF tax 7.5% consultancy tax, transportation, the validity of the offer, terms of payment, payment modality etc).
  • A copy of legal documents (MOF registration, VAT registration, Commercial Circular …)

Any and all relevant information or deemed of value to MdM

How to apply

The proposal must be sent by email to: [email protected], and must mention in the subject of the email “004MR – 24 LB BEY 004 – Mental Health Information Management Consultant”, before 02th January 2024 at 08:00 AM.

Expected starting date: first of February 2024.

Deadline to apply: 02/01/2024, 08:00 AM

Tuesday, 02. Jan 2024
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Health, Mental Health
Remuneration range:
1000 to 2000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
February 2024 – July 2024 (6 Months).