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zeina nehme
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Head Talent Management & Development
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  • Design and develop training curriculum, materials, and resources for Solar Panels Installation Training.
  • Deliver training sessions, workshops, or practical demonstrations to impart theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills to participants.
  • Provide guidance and mentorship to participants, facilitating their learning and fostering a positive and engaging training environment.
  • Assess and evaluate the progress of participants, using appropriate methods such as practical assessments, written exams, or performance evaluations.
  • Adapt training methodologies and instructional strategies to cater to the diverse learning needs and abilities of participants.
  • Stay up to date with industry trends, advancements, and best practices within the relevant vocational field.
  • Collaborate with other trainers, instructors, or subject matter experts to enhance the training program and share knowledge and experiences.
  • Ensure the safety and proper use of training equipment, tools, and facilities during practical sessions.
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the training program, providing recommendations for continuous improvement.
  • Maintain accurate records of participant attendance, performance, and assessments.
  • Adhere to professional and ethical guidelines, maintaining confidentiality and respecting the rights and dignity of participants.


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Last modified: 
15 Jun, 2023
Intervention Sector(s):
Humanitarian & Development Financing
Application Deadline:
Sunday, 31 December 2023
Contract Type:
Full Time
Period of Employment:
Salary Range:
< 800 (USD)
Education Degree:
Bachelor Degree
Education Degree Details:
• Education: Degree in Electrical, Electronics or relevant field • Experience: o Industry Experience: 10-15 years practical experience in the solar energy industry is crucial for an instructor. This experience helps them understand real-world challenges, best practices, and emerging trends in the field. It also enables them to share practical insights and case studies with students. o The instructor should have a comprehensive understanding of solar panel technology, including photovoltaic systems, components, installation methods, electrical connections, and system design. They should be familiar with different types of solar panels, inverters, mounting systems, and other related equipment. o Pedagogical Skills: 3-5 years teaching/training experience. The instructor should have the ability to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to students with varying levels of knowledge and experience. They should be skilled in instructional design, curriculum development, and employing teaching methods that engage students and facilitate learning. Strong presentation and communication skills are essential. o Hands-on Training: Solar panel installation is a practical skill that requires hands-on training. An instructor should have the ability to demonstrate and guide students through the installation process. They should be experienced in setting up mock solar panel installations, conducting practical exercises, and providing constructive feedback to students.
Experience Requirements:
5 to 10 years
Arabic Language:
English Language:
French Language:
  • Lebanon
  • Beirut