Mobilisation Of Local Actors Around National Park

Mada has been working for one year on the creation of National Park in the moutains of Akkar Donniyeh, different biodiversity studies are in progress and four cooperation protocoles were signed with municipalities the studies are beeing implemented in.

We now propose to involve the municipalities in understanding the results of the studies and in elaborating together a better geographical understanding of what and how to protect.
The project will enable municipalities to participate in drawing a conservation strategy that can fit in the expected CDR (Council for development and reconstruction) National Park.
This participation will be through different workshops and will lead to the creation of a common document to be used to loby different governemental bodies, interest donors and initiate a vision for the municipalities toward the development of theire territories.

Overall Objectives: 
Raising awareness on the importance of the national park: set of meeting and workshops to discuss the issue of NP, promote its importance for the communities and the region. Integrate view and constrains set by communities and municipalities. Networking and seeking support: Involve all government actors (Police, Mouhafez, Moudai Am, MPs.) to lobby for an increase in state intervention to implement environmental regulations. Lobbying the implementation of the laws that aim at protecting the sites: to define the perimeters of the existing protected areas with the municipalities and the Ministry of Agriculture.; elaboration of direct lobbying mechanism in case of regulation breach. Dissemination of findings and final report: Once the final framework is set with recommendations, a simplified version will be disseminated widely to municipalities, NGOs, CBOs, governmental bodies, MPs etc.
Start Date
Mon, 29/01/2007 - 2:00am
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