Business Development services (BDS) and cooperative governance and Management Training Consultants

Mada is a non-partisan, non-sectarian Lebanese NGO, established and registered in 2000 in Lebanon which aims to reinforce the relationship between local communities and their natural environment for the satisfaction of their substantial needs.

Mada association in collaboration with ARCS as Project Leader, currently has funding from the Italian Agency for International Cooperation to implement a 30 months project entitled “Promoting Vulnerable Women’s Economic and Social Empowerment in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt” – AID 011528”.

The project aims at supporting vulnerable women of hos communities and refugees, in Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt, in setting off on the path towards social and economic empowerment assisting them with the creation of real opportunity for job and income generation initiatives (IGA). This will be realized through specific trainings intended to strengthen/launch their own business,.


Job Brief


Mada is seeking two local consultants to provide agriculture and agro food cooperative members located in Akkar, North Lebanon with the following training topics:

  1. Business development services trainings, BDS (i.e. business planning, marketing and commercial development, financial management, human resources management, adoption of mitigation measures in times of crisis, etc…)
  2. Cooperative Governance and management.

The consultants are needed to support the intervention by providing business continuity and business resilience training, coaching and advisory services, and respond to a range of other business development needs in order to strengthen their sales and product development skills for better placement of food products in the market in addition to building the capacity of the cooperative members on cooperative principles and management.

Each one of The selected consultants will provide one of the mentioned training topics based on his/her area of expertise and work closely with the Cooperative members, mainly women in order to create a healthy training environment while using interactive training approaches and provide support where necessary. Furthermorze, Mada project team will work in close cooperation with the selected trainers in order to ensure that trainings are adequately delivered.

Main responsibilities

  • Develop a clear outline of sessions based on the needs assessment developed by Mada, and a clear schedule and timeline of trainings.
  • Provision of onsite 20 to 25 days training, 3 hours per day, follow up and coaching session over the period of 4 months for each cooperative
  • The consultant has to share the training curriculum that will be used to deliver the training sessions.
  • Agree with Mada on the training approach and training curriculum.
  • Develop pre and post-tests to assess the capabilities of the beneficiaries and to monitor their progress during training sessions.
  • Consultant has to monitor attendance of beneficiaries and to report any issues to Mada’s focal point.
  • Provide weekly reports to the Mada’s Project Manager on the progress of the beneficiaries, attendance, pending issues and planned activities for the upcoming week.
  • At the end of the first training cycle, provide Mada’s project Manager with a final report that includes the remaining areas of support needed and specific areas of focus required for the skills development of the cooperative members.


How to apply

Interested consultants must submit the following documents:

  1. Personal Curriculum Vitae
  2. A Cover Letter that includes detailed description of past work in conducting similar trainings to demonstrate their qualifications.
  3. Financial expectation and cost per session including transportation, training material and presentations.

Please send all the required documents on the following email: [email protected].

The email must include one of the Training subjects mentioned in the ToR based on the area of expertise of the Consultant.

Saturday, 08. Aug 2020
Type of Call
Call for Consultancies
Intervention Sector(s):
Remuneration range:
2000 to 3000 (USD)
Duration of Contract:
16 weeks