Call for Construction and Residential Rehabilitation Service Provider

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Corus  International  has  been  awarded  funds  to  renovate  homes  damaged  by  the  August  4,  2020  explosion in Beirut, Lebanon. The works shall be done as per scope of work, specifications, and General contract conditions. This project requires an experienced contractor (s) that obtains the home repair required  licenses  and/or  certifications  for  home  repair.  The  Contractor  (s) shall  provide  all  labor,  material tools, equipment, supervision and other related items required to complete the project as per scope  of  work  and  specifications.  Contractors  are  advised  to  visit  the  site,  verify  the  existing  site  conditions to develop their proposal.

The  vendor  (s)  will  repair  minor  damages  to  residential  properties  (apartments  and  homes).    The  contracting agency seeks between 3-5 partners with whom to serve over 700 residences in the city of Beirut.    Each  contractor  will  deliver  repairs  for  up  to  250  residences,  which  can  include  apartments,  condominiums, and houses.  The contract terms will specify the maximum number of households to be served by each contractor.

All repairs will be identified and costed by a separate crew of specialists, with Bills of Quantity produced for each location.  Work will be conducted to make essential repairs to ensure livability of homes butwill not address severe structural damage or cosmetic repairs that do not impact livability.  Examples of rehabilitation will include, but not be limited to, window replacement; door replacement; and wall repair.  Allowable materials for rehabilitation include:

•Glass Sheets
•Aluminum Door Frame
•Aluminum Window Frame
•Wood Door Frame
•Wood Window Frame
•Wood Door
•Metal Door
•Plastic Sheeting

Suppliers are expected to quote each item listed above on by square meter (SQM) for the necessary materials,  equipment, installation and labor cost, and all other costs associated. Bids must include the price, units, and dimensions (per square meter) of all items in the above list.  The above  list  does  not  include  any  incidental  materials,  such  as  nails,  screws,  epoxy,  or  other  materials  required to install the above materials, all of which are allowable.  The contractor and sub-contractors are expected to have all tools and equipment necessary to conduct the work included in the contract.  The identified contractors are responsible for the hiring of all sub-contractors to conduct rehabilitation work.    Cost  of  labor  is  expected  to  be  included  in  the  proposed  cost.    The  contractor  is  expected  to  perform  due  diligence  in  background  checks  for  all  sub-contractors  to  the  satisfaction  of  Corus.    To  ensure  the  quality  of  background  checks,  the  contractor  may  be  required  to  follow  the  guidance  of  Corus in performing background checks. The contractor is responsible for the disposal of any debris, trash, or other waste that result from the work conducted under the terms of the contract.

Work is expected to be completed within three (3) months of the signing of the contract. 

Permits; Inspections. The contractor must possess all required permits, licenses and/or certifications at the time the proposal is submitted.

How to apply

Full instructions for submitting bids are found starting on page 5 of the published tender.

Wednesday, 30. Sep 2020
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