Data & information Management Consultancy

The Lebanese Red Cross (LRC) hereby invites bids from manufacturers/reputed firms registered with the lebanese government or individuals  for the provision of the Services as detailed below in the financial Proposal.

Data & information Management Consultancy (as per the TOR attached to this RFQ)

How to apply

The Sealed envelope should include the following documents:

Bussiness Bank details signed and stamped by the bank: (Bank Name,Bank Address,Beneficiary Name, Beneficiary Address, Account#, Currency, IBAN ,SWIFT)

Annex 1: Bidder registration form

Annex 2: Past Performance & Bidder References Past/completed projects should be stated or presented with proof - Portfolio

Annex 3: TOR signed and Stamped

This RFQ completed signed and Stamped


Certification in IMA or related certificate if any

Certifications - Microsoft, AWS, ESRI  if any

Monday, 09. Oct 2023
Type of Call
Calls for Tenders
Intervention Sector(s):
Coordination & Information management